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Are you being used by the Governments to create Global Pandemonium, or are you genuinely going to help create Global Climate Change?  This is the question many people are asking.

If you want to change the world you need to change both hearts and minds.  You also need to understand that in a conflict situation all of us fall into one of three categories;

  1. Those who will attack you for expressing a different viewpoint than them.
  2. Those who will run away and refuse to see your side of the issue.
  3. Those who will sit and honestly try to see your side of the issue and say; “You could be right and I could be wrong.”

So what kind of person are you Greta and what kind of person is sitting across from you?  The first rule of an argument is you cannot reason with unreasonable people.  The #1 and #2 Personalities are usually ‘Mob Thinking People with Low Self-Esteem,’ who already being on the ground cannot come down any farther by admitting being wrong, so instead ‘Attack or Run’ in a ‘Mob/Gang Mentality;’  whereas #3 Personalities are usually ‘Self Thinking People with High Self-Esteem’ who can come down a bit and say “I am wrong and you could be right.”   Being a #3 person, you need to honestly look at both sides of the Climate Change Issue:

  1. ‘Climate Change Denialists’ believe you are simply a tool being used by the governments to create pandemonium in the population which will allow the governments to implement higher taxes on us while taking away more of our rights.  As people live in fear of perceived Global Warming, the governments can easily create higher taxes putting us further in debt and servitude while telling us what we can eat, drive, own, or even wear.  They feel that the governments are further manipulating data ignoring the fact that the world was once a hothouse and all plant and animal life along with dinosaurs which roamed much of it were completely wiped out.  They point to the fact that numerous volcanoes in recent and past history have put far more Carbon Dioxide into the atmosphere than all human impact could in a hundred thousand years.  They also consider that the earth was both a global greenhouse and a global ice field in times past.  They further wonder if we stop using fossil fuels, how will we survive to feed ourselves, until we find better solutions?  They also wonder why your student followers are hypocritically buying new cell phones and endless junk from China and India (the biggest polluting and over populated countries) all while protesting against climate change?
  2. ‘Climate Change Advocates’ on the other hand feel that we are solely responsible for the destruction of the world and is the reason Revelation 11:17 and Matthew 24:22 say that very soon God will have no choice but bring to ruin those ruining the earth or no flesh will be saved.  They feel to do so we need to implement a Global Democratic Government that protects Human Rights and the Environment by forcing change equally in all countries including banning Fanatical Religions, and implementing Population Control.  Because how can we all keep supressing human rights, slaughtering each other in the name of religion, having babies, all while complain about destroying the earth?

“Greta; Are you being used by the Governments to create Global Pandemonium, or are you genuinely going to help create Global Climate Change?”

Greta; the problem is as you get mad at World Leaders who inherited this mess from generations before them, you offer no solutions if you refuse to clearly see all sides of the issue.  How can you truly save the World and the Environment when mankind is constantly at war and divided by religious and political beliefs?   The problem is if you take your message publicly to China, India and Arab Countries (which are by far the biggest polluters and biggest over-populators) they will run over you with tanks or behead you, so you need to create a Global Democratic Government that wants to protect both Human Rights and the Environment.

Yes the United Nations was created as a way to bring governments together, but the United Nations is failing miserably because they are trying to destroy individual nations and cultures (by forcing Multiculturalism,) instead of helping everyone preserve their countries and cultures and fix their problems while creating a better form of Global Government.  You need to help the United Nations change, because Globalist Financialists want you to create Global Chaos so they can take away your rights and institute a Global Communist/Socialism and run over you with tanks or mow you down with machine guns when you try to speak your mind.   Remember it was the International Bankers who while wanting to control the world financially created Communism, Socialism, Hitler, the Holocaust and WW2.

You cannot hold a gun to peoples head and change their hearts.  Forcing Multiculturalism or Globalism will only create more wars and a new Hitler and new Holocaust because unfortunately the major causes of wars are cultural and religious divisions.  Wars in turn are one of the major cause of environmental destruction.

Who will care about the environment when the Democratic Nations you addressed are on the verge of a New Holocaust which will create a new Global War and destroy all life on Earth?  In discussing this, a Black Sudanese Girlfriend said to her White Canadian Boyfriend. “You White People build such beautiful Democracies and then let everyone else come in and take over because you feel so guilty for Colonialism and are so afraid of being called Racists; when in fact you should instead be helping other countries fix their problems while protecting your own Children, Countries and Cultures. Yes White People made mistakes and did things wrong in the past, but every other race and culture also did equal or far worse things to each other long before White People and Colonialism came along and every other Race is equally or more Racist than White People are. We Black People sold our own people into slavery to the Arabs long before White People came along. The East Indian Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus slaughtered each other long before and long after British Colonialists. The Chinese ran over their own people with tanks. The Arabs slaughtered and Subjugated each other. The Japanese attacked both America/Pearl Harbour and China. The Jews genocided every man, woman, child and animal to take over the Promised Land, created Communism in Russia and tried to take over Germany via the Treaty of Versailles which in part created both Hitler and the Holocaust. Mexicans ripped the hearts out of hundreds of thousands of victims each year as Aztecs and still do so today in the drug war while the general population turns a blind eye with hands open for bribes. The First Nations people raped, slaughtered, enslaved and gutted each other alive in endless tribal wars, then complained about white people and residential schools, all while the tribe and councils continue to steal vast amounts of government money from their own people. But sadly it was not Chinese, Arabs, East Indians or even our fellow Black Africans who rescued us from the North Sudanese Muslims. It was White People and their Democracy. So while everyone wants to come live in countries created by White People, while calling White people racists, no one is flocking to live in China, Arab, or African Countries. You have the right to protect yourselves and your culture just like everyone else does. Do you think I wanted to come live here in Canada? I would love nothing more than to have my country and my culture back, so it makes me mad to think who is going to fight and die for the Canada that gave me sanctuary, when Trudeau is giving away Canada and awarding terrorists millions of dollars, the Sikh NDP leader refuses to denounce the terrorists who killed 329 Canadian Hindus, and Chinese Nationals come here to hide their money while marching in Pro Beijing Protests?”

Stop and think for a moment about what that Sudanese Woman said.  What would make her want to help you protect the environment when her home has been destroyed by religious wars and divisions?  You preach your message in democratic nations while completely leaving out Communist China (one of the most polluted and populous nations,) makes its fortune off producing the worlds junk, while running over its people with tanks, or Arab countries who control the worlds oil prices thru OPEC, has one of the highest ecologically damaged footprints in the world, all while subjugating women and children in the name of religion.

It is for this reason you need to consider so many factors when trying to save the Environment such as reversing forced immigration and instead protect all countries and cultures, creating a Global Democracy, and also possibly banning all Fanatical religions to bring Global Peace and Security.


The ‘Catalyst Ideal’ believes we can ‘make All Countries Equally Great’, give all peoples a good life,  protect individual countries and cultures, end Racism, all while balancing the use our natural resources with saving this beautiful planet we call home.  But this can only be done when each of us are willing to admit our own mistakes.  The beliefs are very simple.

  1. All Races are Equal, Equally Prejudice and Equally Responsible for the past and present world problems and thus all Races need to equally admit their mistakes, reverse forced Multiculturalism, and instead work together to fix their Countries while preserving their Cultural Identities.
  2. Fanatical Religions are responsible for the majority of the worlds problems and thus banning Fanatical Religions around the world will help bring about a form of Global Peace and Security for all mankind.
  3. All Democratic Nations must work with the United Nations to create Global Democracy and protect Human Rights by refusing to do business with any nation that supports Communism, Dictatorships or Fanatical Religions.
  4. Prostitution and All Drugs need to be Legalized to get rid of Criminal Organizations, and instead offer Global Awareness Programs to help users control their drug habits.
  5. Global Wealth and Resources must be Shared Equally to ensure all Races, Countries and Cultures have an equal quality of life, health care and education.
  6. Global Protection of the Environment should be balanced with using the Earth’s resources wisely for a sustainable future for all life on our earth including buying back critical wildlife habitat and protecting all species.
  7. A Global Restriction on Birth Rates must be implemented equally on Nations for the sustainability of the Human Race, the Earth and it’s natural resources.
  8. While everyone has the right to sexual orientation, religious and personal beliefs, no one has the right to force their beliefs on anyone else or on society.
  9. Women’s and Children’s Rights should be first and foremost and thus women have the right to choose contraception, abortion, to marry, or remain single. No Country, Culture, Race or Religion should have the right to determine how a woman or her children should think, act or dress.
  10. Governments need to regulate prices of essential commodities to allow people to live and prevent Collusive Corporate Capitalism.
  11. No one should be allowed to own more than one Media or Social Media outlet to preserve Freedom of Speech and prevent the Media from controlling society and the outcomes of elections, etc.


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