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While all Races are equal and Racism of any kind is wrong, many feel Multiculturalism deliberately being used to create more Racism which in turn is being used as a ‘Media Tool’ to destroy Nationalism and Democracy and instead create a Socialism or Communism in Democratic Countries.

There is a growing trend back toward Protectionism, Nationalism and in turn Racism.  As one American said “How much is the future of your children, your country and your culture worth?  Would you rather be called a racist or nationalist and protect your children, or would you rather be politically correct and instead jeopardize their future?  Democratic Nations are being torn apart by Forced Multiculturalism while White People become more racist because of it. Everyone wants to live in Democratic Countries created by White People, all while calling White People racists and supremacists.  Yet there is no Democratic Rights in Countries like China where they run over their own people with tanks, or Arab/Africa where they subjugate women and children and throw gay people from roof tops to their deaths.”

There is no multiculturalism in most countries:   In China 91.51% of the population is Chinese. In Africa 89% are black, 8.5% are white and 2.5% are Asian and Indian. In Arab Countries 97-100% are Muslim Arabs and 0-3% are other ethnicities and religions with most Arab countries having 100% Muslim Arabs and 0% other ethnicities and religions. Going country to country the figures around the world paint a very reverse racist picture.

While Canada boasts of it’s multiculturalism success to the world, the realities are a far cry from the truth as hatred and racism brew under the surface with a new Yugoslavia being a real eventuality for Canada.  A Pakistanian Muslim woman named Salma Siddique who was head of the Canadian Muslim Congress said about Canada in an interview with Pakistan TV:  When my parents came here in the 1950’s people had to be the best of the best to get into Canada and to become part of Canada.  But after Pierre Trudeau, anyone and everyone can come to Canada and they are using Canada for free health care, free child tax benefits, while their true allegiances lie with their home countries as they turn Canada into segregated ghettos.

In Surrey for example construction job-sites are filled with East Indians of the lower Caste system being brought into Canada as slaves to the privileged upper light skinned Caste as the Indian upper class call Canada the New India while the authorities turn a blind eye for fear of being labelled racists. In Richmond many malls are renting to Chinese tenants only with no desire to speak English and no allowance for non-chinese tenants. In Vancouver over half the population is now Chinese as Chinese Nationals come in and buy up Vancouver refusing to speak English, and refusing to become part of Canada while the Chinese government deliberately sanctions it because “who can stop China from taking over Canada if all of Canada is now Chinese?” In Calgary there are East Indian housing developments that will not sell to other buyers and Mexican residential areas that refuse to allow anyone in but Mexican people.  All while First Nations Chiefs from almost every tribe in Canada steal millions of dollars of government housing money from their own people leaving the reserves in poverty.”

“Every Race is equally responsible for the problems in the world, and every race has the equal right protect their countries and cultures.’

“Every Race is equally racist, and every Race is equally responsible for the problems in the world, and have the equal right to protect their countries and cultures.  Yet people want to blame Racism squarely on white people while ignoring the equal racism of all races.  Openly Racist Noel Ignatiev of Jewish decent and supporter of Communism and Socialism said “We keep bashing… until the social construct known as the White Race is dead.” Why? Winston Churchill said “Communism was created by Jews because everyone but Lenin was a Jew.” Communism like socialism was a way to gain financial control over the population.   The Democrats want a form of Socialism and will do anything to get it which means getting rid of White People and the Democracy they created.  Unfortunately they do not realize somewhere out there is a new Hitler who will decide to stand up and take back his country and create a new Holocaust.

In a conflict situation people fall into one of three categories;

  1. Those who will attack you for expressing a different viewpoint than them.
  2. Those who will run away and refuse to see your side of the issue.
  3. Those who will sit and honestly try to see your side of the issue and say; “You could be right
    and I could be wrong.”

#1 and #2 Personalities are usually ‘Mob Thinking People with Low Self-Esteem,’ who already being on the ground cannot come down any farther by admitting being wrong, so instead ‘Attack or Run’ in a ‘Mob/Gang Mentality.’ Whereas #3 Personalities are usually ‘Self Thinking People with High Self-Esteem’ who can come down a bit and say “I am wrong and you could be right.”

In discussing this, a Black Sudanese Girlfriend said to her White Canadian Boyfriend. “You White People build such beautiful Democracies and then let everyone else come in and take over because you feel so guilty for Colonialism and are so afraid of being called Racists; when in fact you should instead be helping other countries fix their problems while protecting your own Children, Countries and Cultures. Yes White People made mistakes and did things wrong in the past, but every other race and culture also did equal or far worse things to each other long before White People and Colonialism came along and every other Race is equally or more Racist than White People are. We Black People sold our own people into slavery to the Arabs long before White People came along. The East Indian Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus slaughtered each other long before and long after British Colonialists. The Chinese ran over their own people with tanks. The Arabs slaughtered and Subjugated each other. The Japanese attacked both America/Pearl Harbour and China. The Jews genocided every man, woman, child and animal to take over the Promised Land, created Communism in Russia and tried to take over Germany via the Treaty of Versailles which in part created both Hitler and the Holocaust. Mexicans ripped the hearts out of hundreds of thousands of victims each year as Aztecs and still do so today in the drug war while the general population turns a blind eye with hands open for bribes. The First Nations people raped, slaughtered, enslaved and gutted each other alive in endless tribal wars, then complained about white people and residential schools, all while the tribe and councils continue to steal vast amounts of government money from their own people. But sadly it was not Chinese, Arabs, East Indians or even our fellow Black Africans who rescued us from the North Sudanese Muslims. It was White People and their Democracy. So while everyone wants to come live in countries created by White People, while calling White people racists, no one is flocking to live in China, Arab, or African Countries. You have the right to protect yourselves and your culture just like everyone else does. Do you think I wanted to come live here in Canada? I would love nothing more than to have my country and my culture back, so it makes me mad to think who is going to fight and die for the Canada that gave me sanctuary, when Trudeau is giving away Canada and awarding terrorists millions of dollars, the Sikh NDP leader refuses to denounce the terrorists who killed 329 Canadian Hindus, and Chinese Nationals come here to hide their money while marching in Pro Beijing Protests?”

“Balanced Multiculturalism’ has always been healthy to a population. But you cannot bring the entire population of one country and put it in another country and expect there not to be racism or a civil war. Nor can you accept responsibility for everyone’s problems while not ‘Protecting Your Own Culture’ for fear of being called racist when it is in fact ‘Proper Nationalism and a Democratic Right.”

‘Balanced Multiculturalism’ has always been healthy to a population. But that Sudanese woman is right on many planes. You cannot bring the entire population of one country and put it in another country and expect there not to be racism or a civil war. Nor can you accept responsibility for everyone’s problems while not ‘Protecting Your Own Culture’ for fear of being called racist when it is in fact ‘Proper Nationalism and a Democratic Right.’ In fact, many feel that the ‘Left Parties’ are trying to get rid of Nationalism and Democracy throughout Western Countries and create a one party Communist Socialism by using ‘Forced Immigration and Controlled Media’ to Bully People out of their right to ‘Free Speech’ and ‘Protecting their Countries and Cultures,’ knowing Non-White people tend to vote left while White People tend to vote right.

So as countries like the United States, England and Canada boast of it’s Freedom and Multiculturalism to the world, the realities are a far cry from the truth as the Left and Left Run Media publicly censor those who want an open honest discussion, while hatred and racism brew under the surface with a new Hitler and Holocaust being a very real probability.


While the Holocaust was a very real and very horrible thing.  Lying about the root causes of it do not properly prevent the possibility of it happening again.  No one is born a racist or a monster.  Instead people often become racists because of situations and because there are two sides to every story which is why we believe ‘The Truth Lies Somewhere in the Middle.”

Years ago a German woman summed it up this way; “Though Hollywood (which is primarily owned by Jews) gives a one sided version of history and the Holocaust, the truth is the Jews made the Germans hate them because the ‘Treaty of Versailles’ pushed through by the Jewish International Bankers made Germany take responsibility for WW1, when in fact it was Austria and Serbia who started it and we jumped in like the rest of the world.  After WW1 Germany was on it’s knees and we were starving, while the Jews took over and owned most everything in Germany so that my father could not even get a loan or barely buy a loaf of bread to feed us.  Hitler came along and gave us our lives back.  We did not know the Jews were going to the concentration camps.  The ‘Madegascar Plan” (initially a British idea) was to give Madegascar to the Jews as a homeland.  We thought Hitler was sending them out of the country on trains and we were happy to see them go.  We just wanted our lives, our jobs and our country back.  As horrible as the Holocaust was, had Hollywood made a movie about a wealthy Jewish Banker who got rich by taking advantage of poor German People, the Holocaust like the French Revolution would have been a story of revenge.  Unfortunately History repeats itself, so the Democratic Nations will soon face another Holocaust as White People are forced to take their countries back from Forced Multiculturalism and the New Immigrants who come in with a take over attitude.”

Many White People find themselves becoming racist as every Movie, Television Show, or Commercial has to feature a person of every race, a mixed couple, and the Villain usually as White while the Hero as Chinese, Black, Mexican, Arab or East Indian.  Yet again there is no Multiculturalism in India’s Bollywood, or Nigeria’s Nollywood.

It is for this reason some feel the only reasonable solution to solve race problems and create ‘Global Peace and Security’ is to

  1. Ban Fanatical Religions.
  2. Reverse Multiculturalism.
  3. Instead help all Countries fix their problems while preserving All Distinct Races and Cultures.”

This allows all Races including White People the opportunity to Protect their Children, Cultures and Countries.



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