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While Racism of any kind is completely wrong, the Black/White Violence in America will never end as long as Black Lives Matter and the Mainstream Media flame the fires of racism by placing the blame solely on White Americans while deliberately ignoring the actions of Black Americans.

Like a bad relationship where one partner is always blaming the other, while accepting no responsibility for their own actions, every time a Black Person is killed by a White Person the Black Community across America protests, riots and loots, while forgetting the endless Black and White Americans that have been killed by Black Americans.  Yet many ask “Why is it when a Black or White person is killed by a Black person, there are no street riots, looting or protests?  Why is it when Black Africans in Africa slaughter each other by the tens of thousands in the never ending wars in Africa Black Lives Matter and the Black People in America do not protest, riot and loot?  And why would endless protestors use the protests as an opportunity to loot which takes away from the dignity of the protests?

Countless Studies have shown that ‘People tend to kill people of their own race, because the majority of killings are by people who know each other thru family, friends, co-workers or gangs.’  So the majority of Spanish People killed are at the hands of Spanish People, the majority of White People killed are at the hands of White People, and the majority of Black People killed are at the hands of Black People.

But unfortunately that truth does not make for sensational news or serve a political purpose and so often it is pushed aside while the masses are given a deliberate one sided version.  While Media is supposed to be non-biased and neutral, instead media is now used as a tool by Political Parties.  Thus stories that serve a specific Agenda are pushed to the Front Page while stories that do not are either pushed to the back.  Instead of creating an honest dialogue to help fix the issue of Racism in America,  Racism is on the rise as people are forced to take sides because of the one sided political media, further tearing America apart.

So in the name Honest Neutral Media, here are some true stories we feel everyone needs to hear.



Marine sergeant Jan Pietrzak and his new bride Quiana were tortured and killed execution-style in their home by four other Marines under his command. The couple were killed by 4 black marines who served under Pietrzak at Camp Pendleton. The words “N—– Lover” were found on the wall near the master bedroom and on a bathroom mirror, Riverside County Homicide Investigator Benjamin Ramirez testified.

The killers were Pvt. Emrys John, 18, of Maryland; Lance Cpl. Tyrone Miller, 20, of North Carolina; Pvt. Kevin Darnell Cox, 20, of Tennessee, and Pvt. Kesuan Sykes, 21, of California. Prosecutors say the Pietrzaks were murdered after the shotgun-toting Marines burst into their home in Temecula, California. The killers tied up and tortured the couple. They violated Quiana repeatedly. Then John shot them both in the head, prosecutors say.

Ramirez gave a horrific description of the scene he encountered when he arrived at the Pietrzaks’ ransacked home. As he testified, the victims’ mothers cried quietly while the accused Marines sat stone-faced. Quiana was found leaning against a couch with red duct tape covering her eyes and gunshot wounds to her head and right side, Ramirez said. Pietrzak was found leaning against his wife, his face, wrists and ankles bound with red duct tape. He had been shot in the right cheek and there was blood “almost covering his entire face,” Ramirez said.

Ramirez said police found two sofa cushions that they believe were used to muffle the gunshots – as well as evidence the killers tried to cover their tracks by setting a small fire. They left behind footprints that tied them to the crime, the investigator said.

Also, a day after they questioned Miller, detectives found a dozen firearms and three apparently stolen passports in his quarters. They also found two check cards in Quiana Pietrzak’s name, a bracelet with the victim’s names engraved inside in Polish – and Pietrzak’s blue military dress uniform, complete with medals, hanging in Miller’s quarters. “Mrs. Pietrzak was very upset she couldn’t bury her son in his uniform, and here this bastard had it hanging in his closet,” a Pietrzak family friend said.


A 5 year old little white boy named Cannon Hinnant was playing with his sisters and riding his bike outside his father’s home in Wilson North Carolina, when a 25-year-old black man by the name of Darius Sessoms walked up and shot him in the head.

The grieving father Austin Hinnant said the suspect has lived next door for eight years and he shared dinner with him a day before the shooting. Sessoms and the victim’s family had no issues, Hinnant said, adding that he had the suspect over for dinner a day before the shooting. Both men sat on his porch and sipped beer, he said.

“There wasn’t anything between me and him, any bad blood whatsoever, for him to have a reason to do this,” Hinnant said.

Hinnant was inside the house when he heard the shot go off. “The first thing that went through my mind was maybe he just fell off his bike,” he said. “The closer I got to him, the more I realized it was something far more serious.”

When he saw his son, he cradled him in his arms and pleaded for help. “I screamed, ‘Somebody, please help me save my son! Help me save my son, please,'” he said.

At the time, the suspect — his neighbor, Darius Sessoms — was in the yard next door with a gun in hand, pacing and frantic, Hinnant said. “[You] can’t imagine what it’s like to hold your son in your arms with a gunshot wound to the head, and his blood is running down your arms,” he said.

After the shooting, Hinnant’s fiancé called 911 while Sessoms drove away, he said. Sessoms was arrested and charged with first-degree murder and is being held with no bond.


Two Black Tennessee men 19-year-old Isiah Dequan Hayes and 22-year-old Daireus Jumare Ice raped a 9 month old baby girl and filmed the attack.

A Shelby County District Attorney General’s office release says the men were reported to police in 2016 when the girl’s mother found footage of the attack. She was able to identify the men from the video.

The release says investigators determined Hayes was in the video and Ice filmed it. Hayes also was indicted on a charge of aggravated rape of a child. Ice also was indicted of being criminally responsible for the conduct of another person in the aggravated rape of a child.


A Racist Black Man attacked a group of Jewish people with a machete during a Hanukkah celebration.  His next destination appeared to be the local synagogue.  Where are the bended knee protests from the over paid black football players, or the public outcry from Black Lives Matter?  Once again Black Lives Matter says nothing when it is one of their own to blame because they do not want to admit that black people are equally racist and equally capable of racist barbarism against all other races.


Christian and Newsom were leaving an apartment together to go to a friend’s party when they were abducted by 4 black men and a black woman. Christopher Newsom had been bound, blindfolded, gagged, and stripped naked from the waist down. He had his penis cut off, and was then sodomized by an object and raped, shot in the back of the head, neck, and back, and finally his body had been set on fire, all in front of his girlfriend.

His girlfriend Christian then suffered hours of torture, including vaginal and anal rape in repeated sexual assaults. Bleach was poured down her throat and used to scrub her body while she was alive in an attempt by her attackers to remove DNA evidence. She was bound with curtains and strips of bedding, her face covered with a trash bag, and her body stashed in five large trash bags. These were placed inside a residential waste disposal unit and covered with sheets. The medical examiner said there was evidence that Christian slowly suffocated to death.


17-year-old Kelsie Crow was shot and killed outside a Sweet 16 party. A mother who said she was picking up her kids from the party testified that she saw Crow slumped over the steering wheel of her SUV and went to her aid.

“I pulled her seatbelt back. Blood came from her nose, mouth, eyes. I thought it was a car wreck,” She stayed with Crow until paramedics came. “I wanted her to know she’s not alone – she wasn’t by herself,” the witness said. Crow was shot in a hail of bullets as she drove away from the party at the Melrose YMCA in Walnut Hills. Witnesses described it as a drive-by shooting. Two other teens were wounded and survived.

Rico Mosley, 19, is on trial for murder. Police say Mosley fired the shot that killed Crow, though they say they believe gang members in moving vehicles fired four or five guns and sprayed the area with up to 60 shots. Crow’s family and friends sobbed as they viewed photos of the dead teen’s SUV and listened to other witnesses and more than a dozen 911 calls on the first day of testimony. Two of Crow’s friends from Purcell Marian High School told WCPO they were comforted to hear that someone was at Crow’s side.

“The main thing we were glad to hear was the fact that Kelsie wasn’t alone,” Bynasia Thomas said outside the Hamilton County Courthouse. “She had somebody there with her. She didn’t suffer … Somebody had a heart, and tried to help her … We were really happy somebody was there.”


Justine Damond a 40-year-old Australian American woman living in an upscale neighborhood, was shot and killed by Mohamed Noor, a Somali-American Minneapolis Police Department officer, after she had called 9-1-1 to report the possible assault of a woman in an alley behind her house.

Justine Damond called police just before midnight Saturday to report a possible assault in the alley behind her home. Two officers responded in a squad car and, the Star Tribune reported, Damond went to the driver’s door in her pajamas; the officer in the passenger seat suddenly and for no reason reached over the Officer in the drivers seat, firing through the drivers door and killing Damond. The death of the 40-year-old Australian woman who was due to be married next month prompted global outrage as well as questions on why the officers hadn’t turned on their body cameras in line with the department’s rules.

Minneapolis Police officials say “The officers’ body cameras were not turned on at the time and the squad camera did not capture the incident.”

Damond was engaged to be married next month to Don Damond, an American with whom she lived in the city’s Fulton neighborhood. She had already taken his last name (her maiden name was Ruszczyk). She had attended high school in Australia and graduated from the University of Sydney with a degree in veterinary science in 2002. She moved to the U.S. in 2015 to be near her fiancé, and was studying and teaching yoga and meditation. Her website said she also worked as a personal-health and life coach. Officer Moore has not been convicted.


Authorities say Christian Rene Haley killed Marylyn and Kelley Erb in retaliation for being fired from a landscaping job months earlier by Marylyn’s husband and Kelley’s father.

Christian Rene Haley broke into the home of Marylyn Erb, 52, and Kelley Erb, 23, and killed them after stealing their belongings. He beat them to death with a cement block.

Several items, such as jewelry, car keys, watches, ATM and credit cards, and some cash, were stolen. Their ATM cards were used in several purchases after the killings,

The husband/father came home and found the bodies of his wife and daughter in a pool of blood on the basement floor. Haley laughed as he told the police the story of why he killed the mother and daughter sayig he was upset because Todd Erb — Marylyn’s husband and Kelley’s father — had fired him months earlier from a landscaping business.


Brittany Grosse Pryor was stabbed and beaten to death by a co-worker Dustin Belast Pleasant. Pleasant then hung himself in jail. There is little information as to why Pleasant killed Pryor.


Autumn Pasquale, a 12-year-old girl was murdered by Justin Davidson (Robinson) and his Dante Robinson body was found stuffed into a recycling bin near the boy’s Clayton home.

Autumn went missing in late October last year, and after a massive days-long search through Clayton and surrounding towns, her body was found in a recycling container next door to the Robinson’s East Clayton Avenue house. Authorities said Autumn brought her white BMX bike to the boys’ East Clayton Avenue home on Oct. 20, 2012 after Justin Robinson invited her there to work on her bike and exchange parts. Their they strangled her to death.

Justin Robinson, then 15, and his brother Donte, then 17, were both arrested and charged with murder. Justin Robinson being the younger of the two and hoping for a lesser sentence admitted to being the sole person responsible for luring Autumn to his house and strangling her to death. While he was in prison his oldr brother Dante Robinson was arrested again after breaking into a home and was charged with robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery, burglary, theft, aggravated assault and endangering a child.


History is full of slave trade from all races. Tribes would go to war with other tribes, killing all the men, enslaving the boys and raping the girls and women to produce new children.  From the Egyptians enslaving the Jews, the Babylonians, Persians, Muslims, Chinese, South Americans, Romans, Greeks, Mongolians, Asians, and First Nations,  no race or nation in history is exempt from slave trading.

Thus African countries attacked and enslaved other African countries for thousands of years before the Europeans came along often selling their own people to the Arabs (Muslims) and sometimes even spilling into white European territory.  That is the reason why it was a mixture of black and Arab Muslims (Moores)who invaded south Christian Spain in 711 AD, under their leader Tariq ibn-Ziyad, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar from northern Africa and invading the Iberian peninsula ‘Andalus’ (Spain under the Visigoths).  In 1492 the Moores were finally expelled by the Christians, which was also the same year Columbus decided to go explore the Caribbean and the America’s.

A boat load of Africans going to white countries.  The Democrats, Black Lives Matter and Hollywood love to blame white people for all the race issues, while failing to explain why after being brought over on slave ships, Africans are still wanting to come over to white Countries and why Africa has to this day still failed to make a country it’s own people want to stay in?  

African kings, especially the Nigerians profited heavily off the slave trade, driven in large part by the Muslim religion which encouraged slave trade (and still does) as a primary religious belief.  White Europeans exploring and settling the new world stopped off at Africa to acquire workers in the form of slaves, because Africa had created a profitable global slave market of selling its own people.  The slave trade finally stopped when Christian white people went to war in America and killed their fellow white American brothers to end the black slave trade, which Africans still to this day refuse to stop.  That is why none of the African slaves rushed back home to Africa after the civil war, because they knew Africa created by black people, was a far worse place than America created by white people.

For those who do not know the true history of the southern slave trade.  The French brought slaves first to Caribbean.  Haiti was a mess of problems including islanders and blacks hating each other, and blacks and whites hating each other.  While there were only a few hundred white people, there were thousands of black people, so In 1791 African slaves revolted and killed all the white men and then brutally raped and enslaved all the women and children on one of the islands, and then went onto create the aids ridden violent black utopia known today as Haiti (accurately referred to as a shithole by Trump and so many others.)  Napoleon was too busy fighting the English to properly care about Haiti and he sold the entire Southern United States to the Americans for 15 million dollars in what was known as the Louisiana Land Transfer.

In the mean time the slave trade shifted more towards the Southern United States, where one of the main reasons the majority of Southerners joined the civil war against the North was because they were driven by fear of a similar slave Haiti revolt and slaughter of white people in America from the freed slaves.

South African black people attacking Mozambican and Nigerians out of fear that immigrants from other African countries, are taking jobs at the expense of South Africans in a country with high unemployment. Many people from other countries have entered South Africa illegally, though the government has said a large number are working legally and contributing to economic development.

After the civil war and slave trade ended, America focused on rebuilding and racism remained on the back burner.  But as the black population grew in America, so did the racism to the point that America will soon be in a second civil war as black Americans refuse to stand for the National Anthem and instead blame white Americans for the slave trade that black African people created and white America people ended.  All while the Democrat run Hollywood,  Media and Black Lives Matter remind America it is white people who are the problem.


For example the atrocities black Muslims did to black Christians in South Sudan was beyond description including cutting off women’s breasts while raping them so they could not feed their babies, cutting off children’s arms who refuse to fight in civil wars, genital mutilation, castration, rape, skinning alive, gutting alive, hacking to death with machetes, and endless other brutalities. Yet oddly enough Black Lives Matter and the wealthy black elite sports stars and music icons of America were not rushing to save their black brethren in those wars. Instead it was the racist white people everyone hates that went in to help save the black people from their own people.

Why The Media Chooses To Report Only On White On Black Violence

The Media like Hollywood in turn shares a similar responsibility by deliberately focusing on white on black violence, while refusing to acknowledge black on black and black on white violence and reverse racism in America. Why? Because they know that whenever a white police officer shoots a black criminal, black people across the nation are sure to riot, loot and destroy property all while crying racism which creates even more sensational news for them to peddle.

The media’s refusal to report this and organizations such as ‘Black Lives Matter’ refusing to acknowledge black racism against whites only serves to fuel a one sided never ending story.  Sadly black people uneducated to the truth about the ‘Slave Trade’ become willing soldiers in a war that can never be won and will only end in more blood and sorrow. While decent black Americans who do not agree with the reverse racism and extreme black on white violence, and see the benefit of living in white Christian culture, are labeled ‘traitors’ and ‘Uncle Tom’s’ by the black populace.

David Webb again said on his Patriot 125 radio talk show; “The key is for both black and white people in America to end the hate and racism and get past it and live in the present. The benefits of the slave trade to black people in America today are obvious. There are more wealthy multimillionaire black people in America than anywhere else and that would not have been the case had the slave trade not occurred with black people ending up in America.” Unfortunately he too would be labeled an Uncle Tom by groups like ‘Black Lives Matter’ for his honest statements.”

Will Racism and Reverse Racism In America Ever End?

America has lived with two clashing cultures of black and white for the past three hundred years. Cultures that by themselves can barely get along. Cultures that would never have been put together were it not for the slave trade. So unfortunately to expect white and black people to come to the table and accept equal responsibility for their ancestors part in the ‘Slave Trade’ and to finally get along in America is to many a pipe dream that will never come true and especially as long as Hollywood, the Media and ‘Black Lives Matter’ have a say.

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