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Why do the Democrats and Liberals openly support the abuse of women and children in the name of ‘culture’?  Because they want to create a one Party Socialist/Communist where everyone will be slaves and thus only care about votes and not people. Remember, it was the Democrats in America who created and supported the slave trade and it was the Republicans who ended it.

The left knows that non-white/non-Christian people vote left.  So if the left can push immigration to 51% non-white/non-Christian, their will no longer be any opposition and they can implement a one world socialism based on old world tribal beliefs.  They can even implement a new slave trade. As Canada becomes more multi-cultural and filled with Chinese, Muslims and East Indians, it further threatens the security and sovereignty of America.

As Democrats and Liberals call it racist or Neo-Nazi to not support beliefs such as Islam or Sikhism, the obvious and ignored question remains; what woman would ever cover herself head to toe were it not for an insecure husband and equally insecure religion?  When you see a muslim woman or child covered head to toe the Democrats are quick to cry culture, deliberately ignoring the fact that she will be beaten, raped, tortured, or killed if she refuses to wear her covering.  Democrats and Liberals also deliberately ignore the fact that thousands of Canadian and American Muslim girls are genitally mutilated in secret, or forced into arranged marriages at a young age.  In Muslim countries girls as young as 5 are married off and the marriage consummated the moment they reach puberty at 9 or 10.  It is a lie and shame for any Democrat or Liberal to ignore the truth.

The Democrats and Liberals deliberately ignore the abuse of women and children in the ‘name of culture’ knowing that fanatical culture will soon help them destroy Democracy, and so those women and children mean nothing to them, but a chance to get more votes.

When Democracy becomes too Democratic, it gives rise to anarchy which gives way to Dictatorship.  The left wants to create a one world order and to do so it needs to get rid of white Christian people and the Democracy they created, thus they are quick to allow anything and everything in the name of culture, with the main goal of getting rid of the white Christian society that built Democracy.

Everyone including Gay, Lesbian, Jews, Muslims, and Atheists thrives in a democracy created by white Christian people.  Yet no one thrives in countries controlled by Islam where they throw gay and lesbian people from the roofs, subjugate enslave torture and rape Christian women and children in Muslim countries. Subjugate each other in caste systems of Sikhs and Hindus.   In Mexico they are still Aztecs, slaughtering, beheading, and skinning alive each other in the endless drug wars as the crooked government sits idly by and accepts bribes.  Yet Democrats are the first to support the freedoms of Muslims to subjugate women and children in America by wearing the burka and hijab.  Democrats are the first to support illegal Mexicans and the drug wars they bring to America.

When the right opposes fanatical religions such as Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus the left is quick to respond by crying racism.  Then the left is the first to use extreme violence to push their immoral beliefs on Christian society.  Hollywood and the Media run by the left refuses to talk about the extreme violence of fanatical religions, and instead focuses on blatant lies to control the truth.

It is up to the Conservative Right to stand up and put an end to the Democrats and Liberals sanctioning of the abuse of women and children in the name of culture.  The only way to do this is to ban all fanatical religions in Democratic Countries and to control immigration and instead help all countries fix their problems.

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