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They fought like Lions and ruled the world.  Then they suddenly became lambs and gave up their country the moment the Democratic left and immigrants called them racist and Colonialists.  It is unfounded guilt that pushed the English to become the lambs they are today.

The truth all other races do not want to admit is that Colonialism was by far the lesser of two evils.  The English brought a form of Christianity and civilization to an otherwise godless and barbaric world.  The English were not responsible for the slave trade.  It was the Africans who first invaded Spain, and who sold their own people into slavery for thousands of years before the English ever came along.  It was the Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus of India that slaughtered each other for thousands of years before the English every came along.  It was the North American Indians who gutted and skinned each other alive.

In the old days when the ruthless Muslims raced across the world dominating and destroying everything in their path, the English answered the call as unstoppable Lions in the form of Kings and Knights.  The Muslims had wiped out hundreds of millions of people of all races and religions as they pushed their fanatical Islamic faith on the world, wiping out 30 million Hindus alone.  The Muslims were and continue to be the very opposite of a peaceful religion. The true goal of Muslims who follow the Koran properly is to become populous enough to wipe out, or enslave and subjugate everyone else on earth.

It was the English Crusaders that stopped the Muslims from destroying every civilization on the earth.  It was the English who molded the form of Democracy we know today that gave birth to Countries like Canada and the United States.  Everyone thrives in Christian countries created by the English, but no one thrives in countries created by Muslims where they throw gay and lesbians from the roofs to their death, or abuse, rape and enslave women and children.

In African countries, they have never left their history as they to this day continue to slaughter and behead and cut off the arms of children and breast of women.  Yet they blame the English and Colonization when it is their own savagery that is to blame for the way their country is today as they favor witchcraft and voodoo and savagery over Christianity.

Haiti is a perfect example.  In 1791 the Haitian Slaves revolted and killed all the white people so much that the slave owners in the Southern United states went to war against the North in part out of fear of repercussions of the released slaves.  Then for the next two hundred and thirty years the black slaves ran Haiti into the ground creating one of the most aids and poverty ridden and violent countries on the planet, with no one to blame but themselves.


The North American Indians also blame the English for their fate, yet ignore the fact that they too slaughtered and enslaved each other for thousands of years before the English arrived.  It was common fair for First Nations people to invade each others camps and skin, disembowel and castrate alive the men in front of their wives and children, and then kill the older women and enslave the younger women as sex slaves.  So when the English arrived they saw savages, because though there were some peaceful tribes, the First Nations people by and large acted like savages in their treatment of each other and everyone else.

In India; the Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs had been slaughtering each other for hundreds of years before the English came along.  When the Muslims invaded India, they were responsible in part for the slaughter of some 30 million Hindus.  The Sikhs created their own religion from the Hindu belief system and then began to push for separation.  The English did not have to conquer India.  The Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs were already busy warring and wiping each other out, making it easy for the English to come in.

Yet what made the English weak is that as Democracy evolved, it became weak and the truth about History was politically corrected by the Democratic left side, so that people soon forgot the truth about the way other nations acted and treated each other.  With the European Union, the English let everyone and anyone into their country watering down their own heritage and threatening their National Identity.
Soon enough the English will be forced

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