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Who Won Canada’s Leaders Debate?  Canada used to be one of the greatest countries in the world both economically and resource wise.  Canada continued to take in far more immigrants per capita than any other country on the planet, and bragged to the world about its multiculturalism.  But now on its knees and falling apart at the seems, Canada has never been more Socially Divided and more Economically Destitute and the Leaders Debate was a harbinger of things to come.

Justin Trudeau:  Throughout the Debate, Justin Trudeau smiled and smooth talked the same empty rhetoric, while hypocritically denying his endless dishonesty including SNL-Lavlin, Blackface, Raising Taxes, and so many other major issues.  Like his father a cuckold and his mother a groupie amoral who left her kids to go run off to party and do drugs,  Justin is simply a dirty Liberal with no morals or values.  His father Pierre was in love with Fidel Castro and Justin called Castro a great man (the same Castro who murdered over 140,000 of his own Cuban people).  Justin is using immigration to create socialism in Canada, knowing that non-white generally vote Liberal.  Canada put Justin in office and in a few short years Justin has created nothing but Chaos in a country that was once a global leader.

Jagmeet Singh (The Seperatist:)  Jagmeet Singh played the race card all night, attacking everyone else on their racist policies while forgetting that he himself hypocritically refused to denounce the Sikh Terrorists who slaughtered the 329 Hindu’s in the Air Canada Bombing.  Blood is thicker than water and Singh wears what is most important to him proudly on his head.   So how can Jagmeet Singh properly represent ‘all Canadians of all backgrounds’ when his religion will always come first and foremost.  In 1985 when the Sikhs were pushing for Independence in India,  Indira Ghandi the Hindu Prime Minister had two body guards who were Sikhs.  One of her top advisors who was Hindu told her not to get rid of her Sikh Body Guards as it would send the wrong message.  She kept her Sikh Body Guards who then murdered her a short time later.  The Hindus then attacked the Sikh terrorists, and the Sikhs in Canada put two bombs on airplanes in Canada, blowing up 329 Hindus.  Jagmeet Singh refused to denounce those Sikh Terrorists because Singh wants an Independent Sikh State and will destroy Canada to get it.

Andrew Scheer:  Focused on the Conservatives Policies while attacking Trudeau’s Lying Legacy.  Scheer did not deter in his fight against Trudeau and kept his promises to Canada at a reasonable minimum knowing the public will hold politicians accountable for promises not kept.

Elizabeth May:  Is a smart woman and well spoken, but her policies are completely unreasonable.  No one invests in Socialism, and while Climate Change has implications; India, China and OPEC nations are polluting a million times more than Canada.   Elizabeth May and the Green Party Canada will push Canada into poverty as the Canadian Government will then struggle to feed its people who are all forced to ride bicycles and eat Soy.

Yves-Francois Blanchet:  Was honest in his protection of Quebec Rights.  Quebec should separate and save Canada $13 Billion a year.  End of story.

Maxime Bernier:  Is a very smart man, and by far the most honest of all the Leaders on the Debate stage.   He was the only leader who had completely opposite views on everything and Canada has not heard the last of him. Everyone wants to live in Democratic Countries created by White People, while calling White People racist, but White People have the right to protect their countries and cultures just like every other race has the right to protect their countries and cultures.  Singh did not want Bernier at the Debate because Singh does not want anyone who has an opposing view to speak.  On climate change Bernier was very honest.  The answer is to clean up Canada not go into further debt paying Carbon Tax, because the Climate always changes but you cannot destroy a country and its economy when other countries like China and India are polluting a million times more.

At the end of the discussion, Canada’s Main Stream Media slanted the results to benefit their agenda, yet the simple truth remains that every nation has the right to protect their own identities and countries including Canada.  Canada has never been in such a mess and mass immigration is directly to blame.  People come to Canada to escape problems, but soon there will be no where left to run for protection as Canada itself falls into poverty and is torn apart.  The solution is to go in and help all countries fix their problems while protecting your own identity and culture.


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