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Donald Trump.  The world loves to either love or hate him.  And although he has been accused of polarizing America, the reality is America was already polarized and on its knees because of the Democrats and Immigration, and Trump is forced to deal with the problems.

While some hate Donald Trump, many feel he is by far one of the best American Presidents in history.  As one mother said ” Trump is smart, successful and a true Patriot.  He truly loves America and does not back down.  He says things exactly like they are.  Yes Trump is imperfect.  Yes Trump has made mistakes past and present, but so has every person in America.  Trump is left with the task of trying to save an America that is being torn apart by the Democrats as Russia and China grow stronger and wait to pounce.”

As the Catalyst Political Party said “Everyone wants to live in Democratic Countries created by White People, all while calling White People racists and supremacists.  Yet there is no Democratic Rights in Countries like China where they run over their own people with tanks, or Arab/Africa where they subjugate women and children and throw gay people from roof tops to their deaths.”

Every Race is equally racist, and every Race is equally responsible for the problems in the world, and thus White People have the right to protect their countries and cultures just like every other race does.  But when White People try to stand up for their countries and cultures, they are instantly attacked by the Main Stream and Social Media controlled by the far Left.  Openly Racist Noel Ignatiev of Jewish decent and supporter of Communism and Socialism said “We keep bashing… until the social construct known as the White Race is dead.” He along with Democrats like Multi-Billionaire George Soros are very open in their determination to get rid of white people. But why? Winston Churchill said “Communism was created by Jews because everyone but Lenin was a Jew.” Communism like socialism was a way to gain financial control over the population.   The Democrats want a form of Socialism and will do anything to get it which means getting rid of White People and the Democracy they created.  Unfortunately they do not realize somewhere out there is a new Hitler who will decide to stand up and take back his country and create a new Holocaust.

As Trump Tweeted:  You don’t hand matches to an arsonist, and you don’t give power to an angry left-wing mob. Democrats have become too EXTREME and TOO DANGEROUS to govern. Republicans believe in the rule of law – not the rule of the mob. VOTE REPUBLICAN!

Trump is right. In a conflict situation people fall into one of three categories;

  1. Those who will attack you for expressing a different viewpoint than them.
  2. Those who will run away and refuse to see your side of the issue.
  3. Those who will sit and honestly try to see your side of the issue and say; “You could be right
    and I could be wrong.”

#1 and #2 Personalities are usually ‘Mob Thinking People with Low Self-Esteem,’ who already being on the ground cannot come down any farther by admitting being wrong, so instead ‘Attack or Run’ in a ‘Mob/Gang Mentality.’ Whereas #3 Personalities are usually ‘Self Thinking People with High Self-Esteem’ who can come down a bit and say “I am wrong and you could be right.”

No matter what side you are on, the simple fact is Democrats and Republicans are on the verge of a new civil war and no one in America will admit that the problems in America are the result of two major issues: The Democrats desire to turn America into a socialism, and the Color/Immigration issue.


America was not created by Africans, Chinese, Muslims, Russians, Mexicans, or East Indians.  Those countries  each have their own core of people, values and beliefs which they fight for and protect.  America was created by White Christian Colonialists who then fought and died in the American Revolution to create the Constitution that now governs America.

Yet many Republicans feel that everyone wants to come live in America, all while calling white Christian Americans racist and ignoring the fact that America was created by white Christian people.  That is not a racist statement, it is the historic true National Identity that created America. The Democrats want Americans to forget their true heritage and instead feel like it is a shame and racist to be white and Christian.  To feel guilty for who they are and where they came from, while in reality, everyone else is a guest to America.

Go to Russia, Africa, the Middle East or China and tell those countries they are not allowed to be proud of being Russian, African, Arab or Chinese.  In the old days if you invaded a country and tried to wipe out a race of people it resulted in war.  People were proud to protect their National Identity and Race.  The Republicans feel that every other race is attempting to invade and wipe out America and Democracy by simply calling white people racist as the Democrats and the United Nations want all Democratic Countries to be ashamed of their white Christian Heritage, while deliberately ignoring the horrible things every race has done to each other throughout human history.  The Republicans feel that while all races are equal, Americans have the right to be proud of their white Christian heritage just as Africans, Arabs or Asians have the right to be proud of their heritage.

A boat load of Africans going to white countries.  The Democrats, Black Lives Matter and Hollywood all fail to explain why after being brought over on slave ships, Africans are still wanting to come over to white Countries and why Africa has to this day still failed to make a country it’s own people want to stay in?  


The Republicans feel that Democrats want to get rid of the Republican Party, destroy American Democracy and instead turn it into a Socialist/Communism.  They know the only way to do this is to tip the voter scale through immigration.  Democrats know that non-white/non-Christian voters will vote Democrat, so once the voter color scale reaches 51% non-white/non-Christian voters, the Republican Party will no longer exist and they can push America into their form of Socialism.  The Democrats were also responsible for the slave trade, so with the Republican party gone and the Democrats form of Socialism in place, this time around the Democrats can enslave all Americans.

The biggest lie used by Democrats in America is; ‘There is strength in diversity,’  when the truth is ‘There is only weakness in diversity.’  While China and Russia remain un-diverse and grow stronger,  America and the Democratic Countries are being torn apart by multi-culturalism and diversity and the United States of America is now turning into the Disunited States of America.  Whenever anyone tries to stand up for the National Sovereignty and heritage of the United States, the Democrats are quick to call them racists and Nazi’s.  Yet every other country on the planet including Africa, China, Mexico, Muslim Countries, India, and Russia are not allowing the multi-culturalism (that is being force fed on America) to ruin their National Identities.  They all grow stronger as America grows weaker.

Statistics around the world do not lie. For example of the approximately 1.5 billion people in China 91.51% of the population is Chinese. In Africa 89% are black, 8.5% are white and 2.5% are Asian and Indian. In Arab Countries 97-100% are Muslim Arabs and 0-3% are other ethnicities and religions with most Arab countries having 100% Muslim Arabs and 0% other ethnicities and religions. Going country to country the figures around the world paint a very reverse racist picture.  So while the rest of the world expects white people to be multicultural, they themselves are averaging a 89-100% non-white/non multicultural society.  Bollywood has no white actors, Nollywood has no white actors, but Hollywood now has to have an actor from every race in each of its movies and television shows or the entire world hypocritically yells racism.

Muslim Girl with nose and ears cut off for crimes against the Koran.  A religion openly supported by Democrats.  Where is the strength in America when Muslims move in and demand their fanatical religious rights and beliefs?  A religion that rightly should be banned for its abuse of women and children.

The Republicans feel the Democrats use the media to push their socialist multi-cultural destruction on America.  The Democrat run Hollywood, Media and Black Lives Matter openly supported Obama as he deliberately allowed millions of Mexicans and Muslims into the United States, putting the United States of America on its knees and weakened its position as the world superpower.  Obama was voted in purely out of racial sentiment, he had ties to both radical African Americans and Muslims, he had no ability to run a country let alone a small business.  Yet anyone who refused to support Obama as he destroyed America, was called a racist.

The Democrats and their Democratic run Media, Hollywood and Black Lives Matter love to keep America divided  by supporting fanatical religions such as Islam, helping illegal immigration from drug ridden countries such as Mexico, and blaming white people for all the problems and racism in America, while refusing to cast equal blame for the slave trade on both white and black people.

A Victim of the Mexican Drug Cartels.  Illegal Immigration sanctioned by the Democrats.  America is being torn apart by the trash that has crawled across it’s southern border and soon America will be as bad as Mexico.


Racism is tearing apart America and is at the heart of America’s problems.   A black African Diplomat said “The race problems in America will never end until both white and black Americans equally accept their responsibility in the slave trade.   The true history of the slave trade is:  Africans invaded white countries (Spain and the Moors) long before white people invaded Africa.  Africans sold their own people into slavery for thousands of years before white people came along to the Arabs and other African Nations, (which is the reason white people came to Africa to buy slaves,) because Africa had created a global slave market of selling it’s own people.  White people realized slavery was wrong (because of their Christian beliefs) and went to war in America and killed their fellow white American brothers to end the black slave trade, which Africans still to this day refuse to stop.

That is why none of the African slaves rushed back home to Africa after the civil war, because they knew Africa created by black people, was a far worse place than America created by white people.  Hollywood still has never made a movie about how in 1791 the African slaves killed all the white people including the women and children and then created the aids ridden violent black Utopia (shithole) known today as Haiti.  That revolt caused the slave trade to switch to the Southern United States and Southerners in America to go to war with the North out of fear they would also be killed by the freed black slaves.  For those who do not know the true history of the southern slave trade.  The French brought slaves first to Caribbean.  In 1791 the Haiti revolt resulted in the killing of all the white people by the black slaves.  Napolean was too busy fighting the English to properly care about Haiti.  He sold the entire Southern United States to the Americans for 15 million dollars in what was known as the Louisiana Land Transfer.  In the mean time the slave trade shifted more towards the Southern United States, where one of the main reasons the majority of Southerners joined the civil war against the North was because they were driven by fear of a similar slave Haiti revolt and slaughter of white people in America from the freed slaves.

Black Lives Matter blames white America, but never talks about fixing the problems of Africa, because even Martin Luther King could not fix Africa.   The endless slave trade and slaughter of Africa existed long before white people came along and to this day has never changed or been fixed.

After the civil war and slave trade ended America focused on rebuilding and racism remained on the back burner.  But as the black population grew in America, so did the racism to the point that America will soon be in a second civil war over it as black Americans refuse to stand for the National Anthem and instead blame white Americans for the slave trade that black African people created and white America people ended.  All while the Democrat run Hollywood,  Media and Black Lives Matter remind America it is white people who are the problem.

The Democrats call anyone who opposes their agenda racist and Nazi’s.  While refusing to understand that it is the right of American’s to be reasonably racist to protect their national identity, just like China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Mexico, India and every other country is reasonably racist about protecting their national identity.  Africa is killing or kicking out the majority of it’s white people in a bid to get Africa back to black, yet the main stream media refuses to even acknowledge what is going on.  America was primarily created by white Christian people, and had they not made the mistake of buying black slaves from black slave traders, and had they sent the black slaves back to Africa after the slave trade, America would not be in the mess it is today.  Black people are equally or more racist than white people, and the problems in America have grown in exact proportion to the black population growing in America.  So as the population of black outgrows the population of white, America will eventually tear itself apart and become exactly like Africa and Haiti.

Add to that already divided mix, an onslaught of millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico and fanatical immigrants from other countries such as Islam, and it is obvious why America is becoming racially divided.  Everyone wants to live in democratic countries created by white people, all while calling white people racist.  So while everyone including Gay and Lesbian, Chinese, East Indians, Africans, Muslims, and Mexicans thrive because of white Christian democracy, no one thrives in Africa, Mexico, China or Muslim Countries thrive, where they throw gays and lesbian people to their deaths off rooftops, hack each other to death and skin each other alive, all while treating women and children as sex slaves.  Sadly the obvious future is that as the white majority disappears, America will turn into the mess found in African, Muslim, and Mexican countries.  Gay and Lesbian people will lose all their rights along with the Media and everything else that comes with free speech.  Unfortunately the Democrats just cannot see that, or deliberately ignore it as they push multi-culturalism and further divide America.

Religious Freedom in China controlled Tibet  –  Yet Hollywood loves to make movies about how wonderful the Chinese people are as they work with America to save the world. 


As multi-culturalism is forced down the throats of Democratic Countries by the United Nations, in a bid to create a one world order by destroying Individual Countries and Nationalism, it is driving the wedge of hatred further into the hearts of Americans.  Trump was right when he said “racism is wrong,” because there is beauty in all nationalities and colors.  But that beauty disappears when everyone is forced to give up their countries and individuality to live in a segregated multi-cultural soup.  Trump is opening up a discussion around the world of the need for reversing multi-culturalism and instead respecting distinct cultures.  Imagine if instead of forced multi-culturalism and loss of cultural identity, the Democratic countries went in and helped other countries save their cultures and countries and flourish together?  Imagine if Africa was allowed to be black and flourish, if Mexico was allowed to be Mexican and flourish so those people wanted to stay in their own countries?  This also directly affects things like Gay and Lesbian rights, because without America and Democracy, there would be no chance of any rights.  Just ask people living in Muslim countries where there gay and lesbian people are thrown from rooftops to their deaths.

Republicans feel Donald Trump is the last hope of the Republicans existing and America remaining the world’s superpower, while the Democrats, Hollywood, and the Media continue to attack Trump because they want to divide and destroy America.  Yes Trump is imperfect, yes Trump has made mistakes, yes the Democrats try to call Trump racist, but every  black, white, red, yellow, brown, in America is also imperfect and racist.  And every person in America knows that at least 50-75% of Women and Men in American have had extramarital affairs or financial issues.  So as Jesus said to the Pharisees who were talking about stoning a prostitute.  “Let him who has not made a mistake, cast the first stone.”

As one Republican said “Let Trump do his job.  Let him save America before it is too late.  Because Donald Trump is the best and only choice at this time to run America.  He has made money and lost money.  He has the experience and the patriotism to try to ‘Make America Great’ again and keep the mess of America together while reducing the immigration populations.”

Thus many feel the only way for Donald Trump and the Republicans to really change America is to institute the War Act and take control of the Democratic run Hollywood and Media, reverse immigration and kick out the majority of illegal immigrants and send anyone Black or White who refuse to stand for the National Anthem out of the country for being traitors.  Because very soon there will be no Republican Party, no Democracy and no America to fight for.  The Democrats will create a socialism and China and Russia will go to war and take over as America tears itself apart.

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