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There is no strength in Diversity.  There is only strength in Unity.  It is for that very reason Russia and China grow stronger with no diversity, and wait to pounce on an America that is growing weaker by the day because of diversity and the never ending fight over black and white.

Multiculturalism and the Race Issue are at the heart of America’s problems and is a major reason America was torn apart by the civil war.  Though the Democrats brought in the slaves, it was the Republicans who freed them.  After the civil war, many of the Republicans in the North who helped free the slaves realized the truth about how the black people started the ‘Slave Trade’ and how the race issue had torn apart America in the civil war.  They pushed to return the slaves to Africa in  what became known as the ‘Back to Africa’ movement, with the hopes of both restoring African people to their heritage, while also saving America from future race and civil war issues.

Unfortunately that movement was not completed and because of it America is once again on the verge of a new civil war.  The Democrats who created the Slave Trade, know that non-white people vote Democrat, so once the population of non-white reaches 51%, the Republican Party will cease to have power and they can turn all America into slaves.  Thus the Democrats, the Main Stream Media and Black Lives Matter continue to keep the racism issue burning in America to continue driving the wedge in deeper.

A black African Diplomat said “The race problems in America will never end until both white and black Americans equally accept their responsibility in the slave trade.  His words ring with truth and a brief honest look at the slave trade will shed some light on the issue.

An African Man setting another African man on fire during one of the endless brutal civil wars that continues to plague Africa to this day.  Even Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela could not end the violence in Africa.


History is full of slave trade from all races. Tribes would go to war with other tribes, killing all the men, enslaving the boys and raping the girls and women to produce new children.  From the Egyptians enslaving the Jews, the Babylonians, Persians, Muslims, Chinese, South Americans, Romans, Greeks, Mongolians, Asians, and First Nations,  no race or nation in history is exempt from slave trading.

Thus African countries attacked and enslaved other African countries for thousands of years before the Europeans came along often selling their own people to the Arabs (Muslims) and sometimes even spilling into white European territory.  That is the reason why it was a mixture of black and Arab Muslims (Moores)who invaded south Christian Spain in 711 AD, under their leader Tariq ibn-Ziyad, crossing the Strait of Gibraltar from northern Africa and invading the Iberian peninsula ‘Andalus’ (Spain under the Visigoths).  In 1492 the Moores were finally expelled by the Christians, which was also the same year Columbus decided to go explore the Caribbean and the America’s.

A boat load of Africans going to white countries.  The Democrats, Black Lives Matter and Hollywood love to blame white people for all the race issues, while failing to explain why after being brought over on slave ships, Africans are still wanting to come over to white Countries and why Africa has to this day still failed to make a country it’s own people want to stay in?  

African kings, especially the Nigerians profited heavily off the slave trade, driven in large part by the Muslim religion which encouraged slave trade (and still does) as a primary religious belief.  White Europeans exploring and settling the new world stopped off at Africa to acquire workers in the form of slaves, because Africa had created a profitable global slave market of selling its own people.  The slave trade finally stopped when Christian white people went to war in America and killed their fellow white American brothers to end the black slave trade, which Africans still to this day refuse to stop.  That is why none of the African slaves rushed back home to Africa after the civil war, because they knew Africa created by black people, was a far worse place than America created by white people.

For those who do not know the true history of the southern slave trade.  The French brought slaves first to Caribbean.  Haiti was a mess of problems including islanders and blacks hating each other, and blacks and whites hating each other.  While there were only a few hundred white people, there were thousands of black people, so In 1791 African slaves revolted and killed all the white men and then brutally raped and enslaved all the women and children on one of the islands, and then went onto create the aids ridden violent black utopia known today as Haiti (accurately referred to as a shithole by Trump and so many others.)  Napoleon was too busy fighting the English to properly care about Haiti and he sold the entire Southern United States to the Americans for 15 million dollars in what was known as the Louisiana Land Transfer.

In the mean time the slave trade shifted more towards the Southern United States, where one of the main reasons the majority of Southerners joined the civil war against the North was because they were driven by fear of a similar slave Haiti revolt and slaughter of white people in America from the freed slaves.

South African black people attacking Mozambican and Nigerians out of fear that immigrants from other African countries, are taking jobs at the expense of South Africans in a country with high unemployment. Many people from other countries have entered South Africa illegally, though the government has said a large number are working legally and contributing to economic development.

After the civil war and slave trade ended, America focused on rebuilding and racism remained on the back burner.  But as the black population grew in America, so did the racism to the point that America will soon be in a second civil war as black Americans refuse to stand for the National Anthem and instead blame white Americans for the slave trade that black African people created and white America people ended.  All while the Democrat run Hollywood,  Media and Black Lives Matter remind America it is white people who are the problem.

Why Hollywood and The Media Keeps The Slave Trade Alive

Black and white people accepting equal responsibility for the slave trade and moving forward? That would not make for drama and sensationalism.

Instead Hollywood and the Mainstream Media hold a very heavy blame for continuing to fuel the fires of racism in America with sensationalized slave trade movies featuring gratuitous violence, rape and torture. Yet were Hollywood to put out a more accurate story of the ‘Slave Trade’ which included blacks selling their own people into slavery and the brutality they faced in Africa before they came to America, it would set a completely different tone that would probably open up honest discussion between blacks and whites in America.

About this deliberate agenda a film maker said; “The reason Hollywood refuses to make movies about how African’s sold their own people into slavery to the Arabs and Chinese for a thousand years before whites came along is because it would not make for controversial and sensational movie making. How could Hollywood make a movie about the 1791 slave revolt in Haiti where the black slaves killed and tortured the white men, women and children; then slaughtered their own people in endless governments and revolts and for the next 200 years ran Haiti into the ground so now it is one of the poorest and most dangerous countries in the world? It would be different if the slave revolt resulted in a beautiful unified and successful Haiti of today where blacks live in peace, but the inconvenient truth is far from an inspiring Hollywood ending and not something black people in America want to admit or talk about.” (At present two-thirds of Haiti’s workers are unemployed, and most Haitians live on about $1 a day. Haiti is the poorest nation in the hemisphere and leads the region in the number of AIDS cases. Life expectancy is little more than 50 years.)

Had Hollywood ever made a true story about the Slave Trade, where Africans brutally raped, tortured, murdered and sold their own people into slavery to the Muslims for a thousand years before whites came along, and then to the whites who went to war and killed each other to end the slave trade the black people started, it would make both sides look at things considerably differently. But Hollywood loves to follow the Democrats agenda of calling anyone who opposes them racist and Nazi’s.

America was primarily created by white Christian people, and had they not made the mistake of buying black slaves from black slave traders, and had they sent the black slaves back to Africa after the slave trade, America would not be in the mess it is today.  It is the right of American’s to be reasonably racist to protect their national identity, just like China, Russia and every other country is reasonably racist about protecting their national identity.  Africa is killing or kicking out the majority of it’s white people in a bid to get Africa back to black, yet the Main Stream Media refuses to even acknowledge what is going on.

While all races are equal, not all cultures are morally equal.  Black people are equally or more racist than white people, and the problems in America have grown in exact proportion to the black population growing in America and much of it being due to attitude and culture.  Every honest statistic in America shows that by far the majority of violence in America is created by black people against both black and white people, and as the population of black outgrows the population of white, America will eventually tear itself apart and become exactly like Africa and Haiti.  It has nothing to do with poverty or privilege, it has everything to do with culture and attitude and refusing to accept responsibility, which is the reason Africa has never changed.  So every time there is a death of a black criminal in America at the hands of a white Police Officer, black people riot and loot, all while ignoring the fact that their refusal to accept responsibility for their own actions and attitudes are at the heart of the problems.  Police on the front lines see first hand the growing violence and the truth about where it is coming from, but are unable to talk openly about it over political correctness.  Instead they are accused of racism for the violence and racism black people heap on each other and white people.

Black Lives Matter blames white America, but never talks about fixing the problems of Africa, because even Martin Luther King could not fix Africa.   The endless violence and slaughter in Africa existed long before white people came along and to this day has never changed or been fixed.  Instead it has spilled over into black American communities who blame white people for it instead of honestly accepting responsibility for the actions.

Add to that already divided mix, an onslaught of millions of illegal immigrants from Mexico and fanatical immigrants from other countries such as Islam, and it is obvious why America is becoming racially divided.  Everyone wants to live in democratic countries created by white people, all while calling white people racist.  So while everyone including Gay and Lesbian, Chinese, East Indians, Africans, Muslims, and Mexicans thrive because of white Christian democracy, no one thrives in Africa, Mexico, China or Muslim Countries thrive, where they throw gays and lesbian people to their deaths off rooftops, hack each other to death and skin each other alive, all while treating women and children as sex slaves.  Sadly the obvious future is that as the white majority disappears, America will turn into the mess found in African, Muslim, and Mexican countries.  Gay and Lesbian people will lose all their rights along with the Media and everything else that comes with free speech.  Unfortunately the Democrats just cannot see that, or deliberately ignore it as they push multiculturalism and further divide America so that very soon there will be no Republican Party, no Democracy and no America to fight for.


After the Civil War ended, the Republicans pushed a movement to return the slaves (who had been brought over by the Democrats) to Africa.  Had the movement continued, America would not be in the situation it is today.  The issue will only get worse and further escalate as the population of black people grow in America, with the eventuality of America being torn apart in a new civil war.

Many feel the only way America will ever be fixed is if black accept equal responsibility for the slave trade and try to live in peace with white people, because unfortunately America is on a current path to self destruction because of black people 300 years ago selling their own people into slavery and white people foolishly buying them.

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