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It was the year 1692. Bridget Bishop was pulled from her house and brought to trial in Salem Massachusetts. where she was accused of bewitching her second husband Thomas Oliver to death, bewitching a 14 year old to death and also a next door neighbor who’s chickens wandered into her orchard.

Bishop was no ordinary woman. The mother of three had been married three times, had inherited a house and 10 acres of land with an apple orchard as well as some animals from her second husband Thomas Oliver who had died. She was said to have a tavern in her home where shuffleboard was played and minors were served. She apparently dressed differently than everyone else (in a trademark red tunic) and was very outspoken.

During her trial Bishop was examined in Salem Village by Judge John Hathorne and Judge Jonathan Corwin. Hathorne wasted no time bringing up Bishop’s prior accusation of witchcraft, according to court records:

“[Hathorne]: They say you bewitcht your first husband to death.

[Bishop]: If it please your worship I know nothing of it.

She shake her head & the afflicted were tortured.

The like again upon the motion of her head.

Sam: Braybrook affirmed that she told him to day that she had been accounted a witch these 10 years, but she was no witch, the Devil cannot hurt her.

[Bishop]: I am no witch.

[Hathorne]: Why if you have not wrote in the book, yet tell me how far you

have gone? Have you not to do with familiar Spirits?

[Bishop]: I have no familiarity with the devil.

[Hathorne]: How is it then, that your appearance doth hurt these?

[Bishop]: I am innocent.

[Hathorne]: Why you seem to act witchcraft before us, by the motion of your

body, which seems to have influence upon the afflicted?

[Bishop]: I know nothing of it. I am innocent to a witch. I know not what

a Witch is.

[Hathorne]: How do you know then that you are not a witch?

[Bishop]: I do not know what you say.

[Hathorne]: How can you know, you are no witch, & yet not know what a

witch is?

[Bishop]: I am clear: if I were any such person you should know it.

[Hathorne]: You may threaten, but you can do no more than you are permitted.

[Bishop]: I am innocent of a witch.”

Bishop was then subjected to humiliating physical examination by nine local women and a doctor named Barton, after which these examiners reported finding unnatural growths between the genitals and anus and a third nipple (then considered a sure sign of witchcraft). Upon a second examination the third nipple was not found and the unnatural growths were said to be dry skin and or a rash.

Bridget Bishop’s trial began and ended that same day, according to the book Legal Executions in New England:

“The trial of Bridget Bishop opened in Salem on June 2, 1692. It was a one-day affair. Seven judges headed by Deputy-Governor William Stoughton comprised the court. Bridget was allowed no counsel; at least no one is known to have risked their skin to defend her. The evidence produced was but a rehash of the scurrilous stories that long circulated about her. There was little occasion to prove the witchcraft.’ Bridget Bishop was pre-doomed by popular opinion and prejudice.”

The jury found Bridget Bishop guilty of witchcraft and issued her death warrant on June 8, 1692. On Friday, June 10, 1692, sometime between 8am and noon, Bridget Bishop was taken to the execution site at or near Gallows Hill in Salem and hanged. As a convicted witch, she wasn’t allowed to be buried in consecrated ground so she was buried at the execution site, according to the book Witch Hill: A History of Salem Witchcraft:

Bishop was the first of many women that were tried and executed during the Salem Witch Hunt. While some may have delved into witchcraft and others may have been innocent, the fact remains that all were tried and executed on accusations that were not properly proven in a court of law. The unfortunate events of the Salem Witch Trials helped set the stage for the Constitutional Rights in America specifically the 5th and 6th Amendments which basically include: innocent until proven guilty and the right to a fair trial.

Rose McGowan, one of the virtuous/blameless women who started the #metoo movement wearing a see through dress at the MTV awards.  She accused Harvey Weinstein of raping her when she went to his hotel room for an interview.  The obvious question raised is why would she go to his private hotel room, what was she wearing, how did she act, and why did she take a $100,000 payout from Weinstein later?  How do you spell #SETUP? 


Since the New York Times ran it’s first article on Harvey Weinstein on October 5, 2017, the Media has been on fire with endless stories of sexual abuse allegations, making the chances of a fair trial for both the accusers and offenders virtually impossible.  But then again, a fair trial is the last thing the accusers and their promoters seem to care about.  In fact, the Democrats are using the #metoo platform for unfair political gains and to openly attack the Republican Party.  For example Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono made it clear that if Brett Kavanaugh were a liberal, she’d give him the benefit of the doubt on the sexual allegations against him.   Justin Trudeau of Canada faced a similar circumstance.  Accused of sexual assault, it was quickly brushed under the carpet by Liberals.

Sexual assault is wrong.  But unfortunately the #metoo movement is not only threatening Constitutional rights of everyone in America, it is also threatening victims rights by creating a ‘boy who cried wolf’ situation.  What would be more important to you if you were sexually assaulted?  Cash, Career, or Justice?   First consider the fact that 99% of accusers did not report the incident to the police years ago when the attacks supposedly happened.  Add to that they majority of accusers are being paid by the Media to tell their stories, and the answer is clearly obvious.  They majority of accusers do not care about Justice for themselves or other victims, they care about Cash and Career first and foremost.

America was founded on the ‘Constitution’ which includes ‘the right to a fair trial and innocent until proven guilty.’ Those ‘Constitutional Laws’ are set up to protect all Americans. So while rape and sexual assault are horrible moral and criminal wrongs, the most important issue is ‘following and protecting the Constitution’ that separates America from the rest of the world and makes the United States the greatest country on earth.

To publically accuse and execute a person without a fair trial means; the ‘Constitution’ is worthless, American Soldiers fought and died for nothing, and America is no different than China, Russia, or North Korea. Without the ‘Constitution’ and it’s 5th and 6th Amendments of ‘innocent until proven guilty and right to a fair trial,’ there is; no Women’s Rights, no Free Speech, no Democracy, and no America.

In the Main Stream Media’s selfish and irresponsible rush to gain ratings; Accusers have been able to publically voice their accusations (which have been accepted as fact) without physical evidence, without a proper investigation, without a proper trial and without a criminal conviction.

The United States of America was founded on a mechanism that is supposed to prevent Salem Witch Hunts from happening again. So again the question is; How will the accused have a fair and unprejudiced trial when they have already been judged and executed by the Main Stream Media, Social Media, Their Accusers and the General Public? In fact how will the accused even have their day in court when they will probably have a hard time finding a lawyer who is willing to represent them?

To ensure the Constitution is followed and Constitutional rights are protected the Media should be looking for both sides to the story and thus asking a full range of questions including; Why did the accuser not formally press charges right away when the alleged abuses occurred? What was the situation, what did they wear and how did they act during the situation? What is their personal history like? Why did they settle for cash payouts instead of going to the police and getting justice? How will anyone get a fair trial if no one brought the police any physical evidence of rape, or pressed charges?

The fact that the majority ‘chose cash’ and others ‘chose career’ over ‘justice’ as the reason they never filed a formal charge with the police in many of the circumstances raises questions as to why now (as many of their careers are waning) is justice suddenly first and foremost?


Gwyneth Paltrow is an example of case in point;  According to Paltrow, in 1996 Harvey Weinstein hired Gwyneth Paltrow’s for the lead in the Jane Austen adaptation “Emma.” Before shooting began Weinstein summoned her to his suite at the Peninsula Beverly Hills hotel for a work meeting that began uneventfully then it apparently ended with Mr. Weinstein placing his hands on her and suggesting they head to the bedroom for massages. Paltrow apparently turned Weinstein down and left the scene quickly and deeply troubled.

Now here is where things get murky. Paltrow was 22 years old at the time, her father was a Director/Producer, her mother was an actress and she grew up in the industry. So why would she not go immediately to her parents for support and then to the police to press charges or file a complaint?

Brad Pitt who was dating Paltrow at the time also apparently did not encourage her to go to the police either.  Why would Brad not take her to the police to press charges? Was there not a million other movie producers in Hollywood to work with at the time? What would you do if your girlfriend was propositioned, raped or sexually assaulted? Instead apparently both Pitt and Paltrow continued to work with Weinstein.

If Weinstein indeed was guilty of assault and rape, then Pitt and Paltrow are guilty of aiding the assault or rape of many other women by failing to report Weinstein and choosing Cash and Career over Justice.


One Hollywood Industry member who asked not to be identified said; “There is a very famous bumper sticker that reads ‘Cash, Grass or Ass – No one rides for free.’ Hollywood is built on sex, with women and men in Hollywood equally using sex and power to get what they want. The ‘Casting Couch’ goes both ways with women more than often initializing it. Very few women will admit to the fact that they have deliberately seduced a producer or director to get a part in Hollywood. It is a two way street and Donna Karen was very accurate about dress and attitude because women walk the red carpet and go to Hollywood parties with breasts hanging out and skirts up to their crotch with a ‘give me what I want and I will give you what you want’ attitude. So when the various women accusing Weinstein were allegedly invited to his hotel room and not an office or restaurant, do you really think they were so naïve to assume it was just a normal meeting? What were they wearing and how did they act? Who is to say the accusations from the women are accurate, that it was non-consensual, and that they were completely innocent in the situation? No one really knows because we have only one side of the story. So unfortunately while everyone uses sex to get what they want, it is only the hookers and porn stars who are open and honest about it. Maybe the men in Hollywood should just learn to stay away from the actresses and deal with the hookers and porn stars instead… lol.

Fashion Designer Donna Karen was heavily criticized by the Media and women for honestly saying; “I think we have to look at ourselves. How do we display ourselves? How do we present ourselves as women? Are we asking for it by presenting all the sensuality and all the sexuality?”  Many were deeply offended at Donna Karen’s statement, including Rose McGowan (one of Weinstein’s Accusers) seen walking the red carpet of the MTV Awards wearing a completely see through outfit.

Like many of the Weinstein accusers, McGowan had all but disappeared from the Hollywood scene and was apparently pitching a project to Amazon Video (which they rejected) just about the time the story about Weinstein was printed in the New York Times. (The New York times contacted McGowan to verify allegations that Weinstein had raped her in 1997 after she went to his hotel room for a meeting, resulting in her settling with him privately for a $100,000 cash payout.) Cast back into the spotlight by the New York Times article, it appears McGowan seized the opportunity to attack both Weinstein and Amazon (because Amazon had rejected her project and was funding Weinstein’s instead) and become a Crusader of Women’s rights. Amidst the controversy, Amazon then fired it’s head of Video (Roy Price also accused of sexual misconduct) and canceled a $160 million dollar television series in the works starring Robert De Niro and Julianne Moore that Weinstein’s Company was producing for them.

In her tweets to Amazon accusing them of ‘funding rapists and pedo’s,’ McGowan hypocritically failed to mention that she too worked with director Victor Salva, (who is a convicted child molester and child pornographer) on the movie ‘Rosewood Lane,’ and said about him in an interview; “I still don’t really understand the whole story or history there, and I’d rather not, because it’s not really my business. But he’s an incredibly sweet and gentle man.”

McGowan also branded gay men as being “more misogynistic than straight men”, claiming gay men “… fought for right to wear speedos,” and she also dissed Caitlyn Jenner saying, “…the hardest part about being a woman is figuring out what to wear,” after Jenner was named ‘Woman of the year’ by Glamour.

#The End Of Your Constitutional Rights

Whatever the case, what is happening with the #metoo movement has implications for everyone in America.  If you were accused of misconduct would you want to lose everything before you had a chance at a fair trial?  Would you want your life and career and family ruined?

Americans fought and died for Constitutional rights and to allow people to publically accuse without a fair trial is morally and criminally wrong.  The Democrats and Liberal run Media can be thanked for the situation as they use the #metoo movement as a tool to destroy Conservative and Republican opponants and institute a one party Socialism.  The #metoo movement has in reality become #my turn to trample on the constitution and destroy Democracy.


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