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Democracy is on the verge of civil war and many feel ISLAM, and OPEC are at the heart of it, and the only way to bring global peace and security is by getting rid of both ISLAM and OPEC.  Because Islam is deliberately using ISIS to control the world’s peace and OPEC to control the world’s security via oil prices.  Many Muslims feel this is in part due to a prophecy found in the Koran where Muhammad predicted the end of Islam in the final days, and a bible prophecy found in Revelations which predicted that the political nations would turn on warring religions to help bring about global peace and security.


In complete honesty Brooklyn Imam Tareq Yousef Al-Masri said of Islam “Let us admit that we the Muslims are time bombs. When a sinner repents, the first thing he does is make a bomb. He blows it up and kills people. The majority of us Muslims hate the Christians.” His key words are “when a sinner repents.” When a Muslim properly follows the Qur’an he kills Christians and Jews, subjugates women and children and throws gay people from the roof tops. When a Muslim does not properly follow the Qur’an he does not. So when those moderate Muslim ‘sinners repent’ and follow the Qur’an properly becoming good Muslims, they go out and make a bomb and blow up people.

Oddly enough some are pointing to the fact that Muhammad talked about Islam being destroyed by the Nations after hearing about a prophecy in the bible that states that false religions will eventually be destroyed by the political powers of the world as a judgement by God.

The Messenger of Allah (Mohammed) observed: Verily Islam started as something strange and it would again revert (to its old position) of being strange just as it started, and it would recede between the two mosques just as the serpent crawls back into its hole.” [Sahih Muslim, Book 001, Number 0270.]

A Catholic writing in a Catholic journal stated; “Jehovah’s Witnesses have for years been talking about a time foretold in the bible where God would use the United Nations to turn destroy false and extreme religions as judgement for the horrible things they have done in the name of God and Religion.”

Why might this happen?

Winston Churchill said “Those who refuse to learn from history are doomed to repeat it’s mistake. History repeats itself because future generations forget the past. Unfortunately you cannot rewrite history to be politically correct and then attempt to learn from it’s mistakes because it will only result in more destruction and death of good and innocent people.

In true history there was only one kind of Islam, the violent hate filled Islam that started off with Muhammad killing the neighbouring Jews and every other religious and tribal groups that opposed him including the Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists, and running across the middle east wiping out everyone or subjugating everyone until they were finally stopped by the Crusades hundreds of years later.  Because of that honest past many feel that true form of Islam is what we now falsely label ISIS.

In our modern democracies created by white Christian Colonialism, Islam thrives alongside gays, lesbians, Jews and multicultural diversity. Yet oddly enough Islamic countries have no multiculturalism or diversity or LGBT rights, but instead are havens of racially sanctioned genocide and oppression as they continue to kill Christians and Jews, subjugate women and children, practice honour killing and throw gay people off the roofs to their deaths. And sadly enough the majority of Muslims who come to democracy segregate into their own areas and then want to implement those same practices in democratic countries instead of leaving them behind in their old and oppressing countries.

Muslims make the claim that Islam is a religion of peace, yet the ‘inconvenient truth’ is why is it you can openly criticize Christians, Jews or Buddhists about their beliefs without consequence, but if you criticize a Muslim even in a democratic country you risk being beheaded or shot? The staff at Charlie Hebdo is a case in point. They criticized various religions equally, yet why didn’t you see Jews, Christians, or Buddhists going in and gunning them down?

Is It Racist or Prudent To Question Islams Beliefs And Motives?

Is it racist or prudent for nations to question the beliefs of a major religion when it comes to protecting freedom of speech, human rights and global peace? And if you are Muslim, is it prudent to question your own beliefs?

Extreme Muslim  actions have created a dilemma for both the Democratic Free World and Islam. No sane person living in the Democratic Free World wants to be labelled a racist or have to debate whether Muslims are Moderate or Extreme. Generally speaking the Free World wants to respect freedom of speech and freedom of religion and Moderate Muslims claim they want to live in peace with the Free World. That freedom of speech and religion is why Muslims have been accepted and have thrived in Western Democracies in the first place. But Islam Extremists are now forcing the Free World to question the beliefs and motives of all Muslims Extreme or Moderate, which in turn is forcing Moderate Muslims to choose sides, further fuelling the fire.

Former Islam Extremist and now anti-Islamist Maajid Nawaz said “As a former Extremist who knew famed Muslim Extremist Anjem Choudary, I fear for the mentality of British Muslims. Like 33 per cent of British Muslims now do, I once supported the idea of a caliphate based upon Sharia Law. But the debate has now become polarized and poisonous.”

Black Republican Party Candidate Ben Carson said “I do not believe Islam is consistent with the constitution and I would absolutely not advocate putting a Muslim in charge of this nation.”

Dutch Politician Geert Wilders said “I believe it is 5 minutes to 12 when it comes to the danger of the Islamization of Europe and the Free World.”

Writer and activist Brigette Gabriel summed things up this way; ‘There are approximately 1.8 billion Muslims around the world. (Numbers adjusted up to current population growth.) According to intelligence statistics around the world anywhere from 15-25% of Muslims are radicalized. That leaves 75% of them as a peaceful people. The problem is 15-25% of radicalized Muslims is 300-400 million people dedicated to the destruction of western civilization. It is their radicals that kill, it is their radicals that behead and massacre. When you look at the lessons of history, most Germans were peaceful yet the Nazi’s drove the agenda and as a result 60 million people died. When you look at Russia, most Russians were peaceful yet the Russians were able to kill 20 million people. When you look at China, most Chinese were peaceful, yet the Chinese were able to kill 70 million people. When you look at Japan, most Japanese people were peaceful, yet the Japanese were able to sweep through South East Asia and kill at least 12 million people. The peaceful majority were irrelevant. On September 11, 2001 we had 2.3 million Muslims living in the United States, yet it only took 19 radicals to bring America to its knees, destroy the World Trade Center, attack the Pentagon and kill over 3000 people that day. The peaceful majority were irrelevant.”

Islam and Democracy

Muslims living in democratic countries wanting to implement Sharia law is tantamount to Communists coming to America to use freedom to help implement a dictatorship to take away freedom.

Out of frustration with the unreasonableness of the situation, Mahfooz Kanwar a member of the Muslim Canadian Congress and a professor emeritus of sociology at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta Canada stated to those wanting Sharia Law; “If you want to live under Sharia Law, go back to the hellhole country you came from, or go to another hellhole country that lives under Sharia law.”

There is a great debate over Islam and Democracy and whether the two are compatible. King Fahd of Saudi Arabia said “The Democratic system that is predominant in the world is not a suitable system for the peoples of our region. The system of free elections is not suitable to our country”

Journalist Hisham Melhem wrote: “Let’s face the grim truth. There is no evidence that Islam in its various political forms is compatible with modern democracy. From Afghanistan under the Taliban to Pakistan, to Saudi Arabia, Iran and Sudan, there is no Islamist entity that can be said to be democratic, just or a practitioner of good governance.”

Many feel the answer to whether Islam is compatible with Democracy can be answered by a simple question. What is the human rights record of Islam as compared to Democracy?

It is very hard to expect the world to see the forest of the Moderate Muslim Majority while the trees of Islam Extremists are attacking and murdering innocent people around the world, sanctioning Sharia Law, the abuse of women and children, honour killings, forced marriages, genital mutilations, and the eradication of Christians, Jews and Democracy.

The aggression of the Extremists combined with the passivity of the Moderates is unfortunately giving weight to the idea that ‘the teachings of Islam are not compatible with the freedoms of Western Society’, thus forcing the leaders of the Free World to give serious consideration to banning all Muslims because they cannot differentiate who is Moderate and who is Extreme.”

Speaking at the Munich Security Conference, David Cameron summed up the situation very carefully saying; “Some young Muslim Men find it hard to identify with the traditional Islam practised at home by their parents who’s customs can seem staid when transplanted to modern western countries. But these young Men also find it hard to identify with Britain too because we have allowed the weakening of our collective identity. Under the doctrine of state multiculturalism we have allowed different cultures to live separate lives apart from each other and apart from the mainstream. We have even tolerated these segregated communities behaving in ways that run completely counter to our values. So when a white person holds objectionable views racist views for instance, we rightly condemn them. But when equally unacceptable views or practices come from someone who isn’t white, we’ve been to cautious frankly, frankly even fearful to stand up to them.” He continues; “This hands-off tolerance… leaves some young Muslims feeling rootless… and the search for something to belong to and believe in can lead them to this extremist ideology.” David Cameron made a very honest point in that Western Society holds some responsibility towards the appeal of Extreme Islam because it has allowed it’s values to weaken to a point of being too lenient. It is much like comparing a parent who never disciplines their child to a parent who constantly disciplines their child, there needs to be a balance between being too lenient and being too strict.

The real question is does Islam want to live in peace with Democracy? If a Jehovah’s Witness knocks on your door, you can choose to listen and perhaps even take a free magazine, or you can choose to disagree and close the door with relative certainty knowing they won’t bother you again at least until the next issue of the Watchtower and Awake come out. On the other hand, if a Muslim Extremist knocks on your door and you choose to disagree, it is an entirely different situation.

The book Crucial Conversation – Tools For Talking When Stakes Are High by Joseph Grenny lumps people into three categories when it comes to crucial conversations. Those who attack, those who run, and those who will sit and say; you may be right and I may be wrong. The key is understanding who you are dealing with. You cannot reason with unreasonable people.

Moderate Muslims can be very reasonable and peaceful people. But the impossibility of discussing and reasoning with Extremist Muslims has served to debilitate healthy open discussions with Moderate Muslims. The unfortunate result is an increase in fear and prejudice among main stream democratic society, because if you cannot talk openly to a person about their beliefs, then you will never understand their side of the issue or feel their side of humanity. Instead they will more easily become an enemy to you.

The mass immigration of Muslims to Democratic Countries has opened the worlds eyes to much of the subjugation that has been going on for centuries in Muslim countries and should offer immigrant Muslim women and children the opportunity for a better life free from things like oppressiveness, honour killings, abuse and forced marriages. It has also allowed those Muslims exposure to other religions and belief systems.

So for Democratic countries to unknowingly or knowingly sanction the oppression of women and children under the guise of culture is to completely disregard the very meaning of Democracy and the millions of lives who died fighting Hitler, and instead endorse the principles Hitler stood for.

As a woman or child, would you choose to be oppressed in a democracy or oppressed in a totalitarianism? An odd question with an unfortunate reality. The very fact that No-Go Zones exist in many European cities is inexcusable and puts the rights of women and children at obvious risk. Governments and Police Forces have a moral responsibility to those women and children to either force change or send the men home and give the women and children a chance for a decent unsuppressed life. Salma Siddiqui – President of the Coalition of Progressive Canadian Muslim Organizations said “It is important that Canada recruit the world’s best and brightest immigrants who possess a commitment to this country to ensure Immigration does not turn this country into Ghetto’s.”

The fact that Democracies would argue about women wearing Burqas or Niqabs in the name of culture shows a lack of understanding of basic human psychology. Yes people should have the right to wear what they want, but what woman would ever come up with the idea of covering herself from head to toe were there not an insecure religion and equally insecure husband beating it into her, while telling her it is gods will? What loving god would ever require that from women, when according to the bible, the last and most beautiful creation on earth was women? Was a study ever done on Muslim women and Battered Wife Syndrome? Did anyone ever think to see what happens if you get the women out of the situation and give them some dignity and freedom and see if the issue will resolve itself? The question will never be answered by continuing to allow them to be oppressed by their husbands and religion all while living in the Free World under the guise of culture.

Unfortunately because of blind eye political correctness and fear of being labelled racists, Democracy has failed to protect it’s citizens from a huge epidemic of rape attacks by Muslim men against non-Muslim women throughout almost every European country. Democracy has failed to protect the immigrant Muslim women and children against honour killings, forced marriages and other forms of abuse which continue to happen in almost every democratic country in the world including England, Canada, the United States, Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, etc.

Included in this are the mass rapes and abuse of women and children within the migrant refugee camps that is either covered up or completely ignored by the governments and media and which needs to be addressed.

Will There Be A New Holocaust And If So Where Will It Come From?

A Holocaust has already begun within the borders of Democracy and the Citizens, the Media, the Politicians and the Police equally share a responsibility in allowing it’s creation to take place. Not reporting and not acting against human rights violations in the name of culture and for fear of being labelled a racist is destroying countless lives within the Democratic countries. The Internet has been the unlikely Godsend in forcing the media to be honest about what is going on and opening up discussion and action.

Where would the world be today had the allied forces worried more about political correctness than protecting the world against Hitler? What kind of freedoms and values and cultures would there be now under Nazi control? Unfortunately the world is now being forced to ask the same questions about Islam Extremists with the only difference being the German’s lived in a specific country and the world knew how many there were and how to fight them, while Extremist Muslims are integrated into every segment of society in almost every country on the planet and there is no way of knowing exactly how many there are and how to fight them. So the reality is Extreme Islam is a far greater threat than Hitler and his Nazi’s ever were.

ISIS formally declared the establishment of a global caliphate, or Islamic state, in the vast stretches of the Middle East that have fallen under its control, and has outlined a vision to expand into Europe over the next 5 years. Muslims from around the world are leaving democratic countries like Canada, United States, England and Europe in droves to join ISIS and whether we like it or not, that fight will soon come home to the democratic countries. Like the Nazi Holocaust, if left unchecked the new Islamic State threatens the extermination of all religions and all freedoms around the world.

Islam Extremists are forcing the world’s hand like Hitler did in WW2 and the unfortunate and only solution may be found by going back once again to that little religious group that refused to fight for Hitler but instead die with the Jews.

A Catholic writing in a Catholic forum said “Jehovah’s Witnesses believe the bible talks about a time when the Nations will be forced to destroy fanatical religion in an attempt to end global war and strife but as a judgement by God against false religion. Most people laugh and say it is ridiculous and that it would never be passed, but if people were going to be locked up for practising their religion, the majority would be having serious second thoughts!” It seems many other people are taking note of this. Bill Underwood writing for The Examiner penned an article “Is the UN planning to attack religion?” In the article he brings out many issues the UN has raised with religions failure to act in the best interests of freedom and against freedom.

As horrendous a thought it might be, what will the Democratic Nations be forced to do to preserve global peace and security? A global ban or war on Islam? A war that will have to be fought in every country at the same time requiring first a quiet reversal of immigration, then a ban on Islam to see who denounces it and who clings to it, followed by a precision organized militarized police and army force moving through our cities to further oust Islamist Extremists in order to prevent more violence and bloodshed? How will governments know who is a Moderate and who is an Extremist? How would that affect other religions and freedoms? How will that affect you and your family and your friends and neighbours? Does all of this sound reminiscent of the Holocaust, or is it the only way to regain freedom?

Whether we like it or not, the situation with Islam is forcing all democratic governments to give at least some consideration to the words of Donald Trump;

“We Have No Choice… 25% of Muslims living withing the United States feel that violence against Americans is justified as part of the global Jihad and 51% of those polled feel Muslims have the right to be governed according to Sharia Law. Sharia Law authorizes such atrocities as murder against non-believers who won’t convert, be-headings, and more unthinkable acts that pose great harm to Americans, especially women. Its obvious to anyone the hatred is beyond comprehension. We can’t live like this. We can be politically correct and stupid but it is going to get worse. Until we are able to understand this problem and the dangers it imposes, our country cannot be the victim of horrendous attacks by people who have no sense of reason or respect for human life.”

In the end the answer to whether there will be another Holocaust lies with Islam. Will the Moderate Muslim Majority choose to stand up and be relevant and stop the Extremism, or will the Extremists Muslim Minority try to take over the world forcing the United Nations to ban or destroy Islam? With Europe set to explode and the rest of the world following suit, unfortunately the answer may come sooner than all of us want.

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