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The biggest lie being fed to Democratic Countries by the Mainstream Media and the United Nations is; ‘There is Strength in Diversity,’ when the exact opposite is the truth.  ‘There is No Strength in Diversity.  There is Only Strength in Unity.’

The word Diverse in fact comes from the root meaning ‘divided and different.’  So while countries like China and Russia refuse to have multiculturalism and are growing stronger because they are unified in beliefs, the Democratic countries are being torn apart by force fed multiculturalism because they are divided in beliefs.  When Democracy is gone, there will be no one left to protect human rights and the world will fall under tyranny to countries like Russia and China who remain united and strong.

As a mother from Canada aptly said “Who will fight and die for Canada if it is all Sikhs and Chinese and Muslims who come here to practice their own traditions and refuse to speak the language.  Chinese, East Indians, Muslims, Mexicans, Africans all demand to come into our countries and practice their beliefs and speak their languages while calling us Racists and Nazi’s for opposing it.  Yet there is no multiculturalism in their countries as they retain their national identities.  Once they take over, they will Destroy our Democracy and kill us and our children for being white as Canada is torn apart in a new Yugoslavia.  African countries should remain primarily African, Spanish countries should remain primarily Spanish, Indian countries should remain primarily Indian, Asian Countries should remain primarily Asian, Arab Countries should remain primarily Arab, and Democratic Countries should also retain the white majority that created them so we all can preserve our countries and cultures.”


When Democracy becomes too Democratic it gives rise to Anarchy which gives way to Dictatorship.   The United Nations knows diversity has never worked and will never work, which is why they are intentionally pushing diversity in order to destroy the Identity and Nationalism of Individual Countries, thus making them easier to control under a One World Order.  Yet in doing so they will accidentally create a new Hitler and new Holocaust.


A German woman living in Canada said to a young writer back in the early 1990’s:

“In 25 to 30 years I will be long gone but you will remember me and my words because the Democratic Countries of America, Canada, England and Europe will be on the verge of a new Holocaust and I will tell you why. 

My grandfather drove around Hitler before he had a car and he used to come to our house for dinner and my father ended up working for him.  And while the Holocaust was a very horrible thing, the media which is still primarily owned by Jewish people does not talk about some of the honest root causes of the Holocaust and some of the responsibility the Jews had in it which is why it will happen again throughout the Democratic countries of the world.

Germany was on its knees after WW1 and we were starving as a people. Germany had been subjugated and cut up by the Treaty of Versailles and the Jews owned most everything including all the banks and movie theatres and businesses and they were not the nicest people to us. My father could not buy a loaf of bread to feed us properly without paying a fortune or get a bank loan without basically selling his soul.

Yet the thing the Jewish International Bankers did not predict when they were pushing through the ‘Treaty of Versailles’ and taking over Germany was; a young soldier lying in a hospital bed who had blinded by Mustard gas during WW1.  That young soldier had been a messenger runner between the German front lines and intelligence officers, he had a crush on a wealthy Jewish woman.  He was not born racist or a monster, but when he saw what the Jews had done to Germany  he said “I am going to make Germany great again.”  That man was Adolph Hitler. 

It was not Germany that started WW1.  It was Serbia who attacked Austria.  Germany like all the other countries jumped in and took sides.  Hitler was born in Austria and raised in Germany, so both countries were home to him.  So When Hitler became Chancellor, he rebuilt Germany in a few short years to become a superpower, and was even Time Magazine’s ‘man of the year’ in 1938/39.   He gave us our jobs and lives back by taking Germany from the Jews.  We did not know he was sending the Jews to the concentration camps.  Do you remember that little boy waving at the train of Jews as it left?   Like him,  we thought the Jews were being shipped out of the country on trains and we were happy to see them go.  We just wanted our country and our jobs and our lives back. 

In many ways it was similar to what happened in the French Revolution. The majority of the poor class were starving and the clergy and rich nobility pushed them over the edge by putting a tax on the production of food. Then they were shocked that suddenly the entire country showed up on their doorsteps to kill them. The simple fact is that while no one is born a racist or a monster, the actions of others can make a person become a racist or monster.  People would have a far different view of the Holocaust had Hollywood had made a movie about a wealthy Jewish man who had gotten unbelievably rich including sporting gold teeth from swindling starving German families.  Like the French Revolution, the Holocaust would have become a story of revenge instead of racism.  But Hollywood and the media, like many of the worlds largest banks are still primarily controlled by wealthy Jewish people, so you get their version of the story.

We did not expect him to exterminate the Jews and try to take over the world.   Had Hitler simply cleared the Jews out of Germany by trains he would have been a Hero.  But he was swept along in hatred for what the Jews had done first to the Germans and went to war with the world to make sure Germany would not be attacked again.  So when I see the take over attitude of immigrants coming into countries like America, Canada and Europe, I know the consequences it can and will have by way of creating a new Hitler and a new Holocaust who will rise up to protect the white Democratic Countries because history always repeats itself.”

Sadly history teaches us that woman’s word echo with a ring of truth the Democrats refuse to acknowledge or learn from.  In a book called ‘The Killing Compartments – The Mentality of Mass Murder’ by Abram de Swaan,  the author writes about, but falls short of understanding why the Germans under Hitler attacked the Jews with such hatred.

George Orwell said “People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome.”  Abram de Swaan was trying to understand the lessons of the Holocaust from a one sided politically corrected view, and in doing completely ignored the things the Jews had done first to the Germans.  In one chapter he discussed Hitler’s Police Battalion 101.  A special unit comprised of ‘ordinary German men in their 30’s who were too old and unfit for front line or SS duty, yet were chosen specifically to exterminate the Jews across Europe.  Why would Hitler choose them for this specific task?  Because Hitler knew that unlike 18 year old men who carried little hatred, these ordinary older men were bricklayers and bakers and workers who struggled to provide for their families as the Jews took over.  So the thought of payback was far greater in them which is why they acted with such merciless veracity and hatred towards the Jews.  A forgotten lesson that will repeat itself in the future as ordinary people from Democratic Countries feel the need for payback because their jobs and lives have been taken away by immigrants and sanctioned by the left leaning governments.

An honest non-politically corrected look at History teaches that the wealthy Jewish bankers did have a hand in creating the Holocaust against their own people, and the actions of the Democrats and immigrants today may well do the same thing.

History teaches that as WW1 came to an end and communism rose in ww1, the Jewish International Bankers pushed through the ‘Treaty of Versailles’ which subjugated Germany by making them take all responsibility for WW1. It was Austria and Serbia which started WW1. Germany like so many other countries jumped in and took sides. But the important point is subjugating Germany opened the doors for wealthy Jewish people to take over most of the Banks, Theaters, Businesses and Newspapers in Germany. Remember the Jews did not have a homeland or the Palestinian Mandate, which was the deal in which Lord Balfour of England promised the wealthy Jewish Bankers that England would give Palestine and Israel back to the Jews. So taking control of Germany was a smart business idea for them.

Sarah Gordon in a book entitled “Hitler, Germans and the “Jewish Question” stated; “Though the Jews did not exceed 10% of the population during the years 1871-1933. They were overrepresented in business, commerce, and public and private service. They were especially visible in private banking in Berlin, which in 1923 had 150 private Jewish banks, as opposed to only 11 private non-Jewish banks.. They owned 41% of iron and scrap iron firms and 57% of other metal businesses. Jews were very active in the stock market, particularly in Berlin, where in 1928 they comprised 80% of the leading members of the stock exchange, and at least a quarter of full professors and instructors at German universities had Jewish origins. In 1905-6 Jewish students comprised 25% of the law and medical students. In 1931, 50% of the 234 theatre directors in Germany were Jewish, and in Berlin the number was 80%. In 1929 it was estimated that the per capita income of Jews in Berlin was twice that of other Berlin residents. ’Writer Edwin Black said “To cap it all, Jews were perceived as dangerous enemies of Germany after Samuel Untermeyer, the leader of the World Jewish Economic Federation, declared war on Germany on August 6 1933 with The London Daily Express carrying the headline “Judea Declares War on Germany. This was the culmination of a worldwide boycott of German goods led by international Jewish organizations.”

What many including that German women did not understand is why Hitler then moved on to war against the rest of Europe including wiping out all the Jews across Europe?  Hitler was a messenger runner between the front lines and the intelligence officers so his understanding of war shaped his future actions.   Once he cleared out Germany, perhaps he felt there was no turning back because the world was sure to try to subjugate Germany again with the financial backing of the wealthy Jewish International Bankers, and so he decided to next clear out Europe.  Looking at how the Roman Empire or even British Empire had done much the same thing, Hitler felt that he could ensure a thousand years of peace for Germany by securing as much of the world as possible.  Along with that he had a very pragmatic Austrian/German mind, which meant he looked at things from a practical and almost mechanical viewpoint so that the greater good of the majority outweighed the needs of the individual.  He hated Bolshevism of the Russians created by the Jews.  The Jews had no homeland as they had not been given the Palestinian Mandate until after WW2 so had no where to go.


There is nothing more beautiful than going to an African country and seeing the traditional customs and ways, going to an Asian country and sampling the cuisine, going to a Spanish country and enjoying the music and dance, or going to America and having burgers and fries.

Like taking all the varieties of fruits and vegetables and sticking them into a blender, the United Nations does not see the beauty in distinct countries and cultures and instead is bent on creating a global ethnic beige soup where there is no longer African, Indian, Asian, White, Spanish or Arabic Cultures.

The biggest mistake Democracies made was to import problems from other countries instead of going in and helping those countries fix their problems while preserving their cultures.  The first thing a life guard is taught is that you cannot endanger yourself when you are trying to save someone else.  ‘While all races are equal, all cultures are not morally equal.’  Thus Democratic countries are endangering themselves and their children by importing the problems instead of keeping those problems at arms length.  But they are also endangering the cultures of all those other nations which is equally wrong.  It is tantamount to a doctor who brings home sick patients to treat at home and then wonders why his children are getting sick as well.

The only way to create Global Peace and Security is to reverse immigration and instead help countries work together to grow and succeed all while preserving National Identities.

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