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Two female police officers have been murdered in the Belgian city of Liege, by a Muslim convert Benjamin Herman who then killed a 22-year-old bystander, who tried to intervene. The women were stabbed from behind, quickly disarmed, and had their own weapons turned on them by their attacker.
Many in Europe are alarmed at the way European cities are pushing to fill the police forces with women who are less physically able to ward off male criminals and more easily killed in the line of duty.

This woman did not deserve to die, but why was she tasked with protecting the streets of Belgium?

Official and unofficial gender quotas in police forces and militaries get people killed.  Soraya Belkacemi and Lucille Garcia were, very alarmingly, reported as being aged 53 and 45 respectively. Though police officers are not invincible and the pair were certainly ambushed, those tasked with protecting society should not be so readily disarmed. In the main, they are being opposed by fit and hardened young men, many of whom have used a gun in a real situation more times than law enforcement.

Belgium already has a severe problem with Muslim migrants (and converts like Herman). Nevertheless, the response of authorities is to populate the police force with people whom 99% of reasonable individuals would identify as soccer moms, not law enforcement “professionals.” Entire societies are currently at risk as a result.

The Orly Airport terrorist who took a female soldier hostage.

A comparable incident at Orly Airport just outside Paris last year where the attacker decide to disarm a female soldier turning her own weapon on her.

There is a growing feeling that while Women are capable of doing many jobs, policing the public and trying to fight of male criminals is not one of them.  As one mother said “It is not about ego, it is about protecting our society and streets, and women are simply not able to do that the same way as men are.”

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