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Dear Kathlene Zellner and Making a Murderer:

From the start of the Steven Avery, Brendan Dassey case, any normal viewer with any sense of gut instinct could not help but notice too many things, events and people did not make sense.  Many wondered what was going on with Mike Halbach, Ryan Hillegas,  Pamela Strum, Bobby Dassey, Scott Tadych, Andrew Colburn, Tom Fassbender and Ken Kratz throughout the entire trial.

Perhaps this is how Teresa could have been murdered by Bobby Dassey and how Scott Tadych may have been involved?

  1. Teresa left Steven Avery’s house.   Bobby Dassey jumped in his vehicle and followed her.  He then flagged her down soon after she left Steven Avery’s house on highway 147.  She may have even pulled over to check her phone messages.  Bobby Dassey may have then jumped in her vehicle and left his vehicle off highway 147.  He may have told her there was a vehicle that needed photographing and he may even have brought his gun saying he was keeping an eye out for deer as he rode shotgun.  She drove around to Kuss road where they stopped at the Quarry to go look at a supposed vehicle.
  2. At the Quarry they both got out and she may have been getting a camera out of the back of the car when he came up behind her and killed her which is how her blood splashed on the back door of her Rav.  He then threw her into the back of the Rav and drove her further into the Quarry where he would later cut up and burn the body.  This could also be why there was blood in the back of her vehicle, and why the search dogs ran throughout the Quarry following scent.  Bobby being a hunter, had both experience in using guns, and also in cutting up and disposing of wildlife, so it was easy for him to kill and dismember Teresa and burn her body in a burn barrel, then later move the bones to Steven Avery’s burn pit.
  3. Later Bobby drove Teresa’s Rav back to the spot he left his vehicle.  He then jumped out and took his own vehicle home.  That is why the truck driver saw Theresa’s vehicle off highway 147, close to Scott’s house.  Bobby later crushed his own vehicle, which is why it is no longer available for forensic evidence.
  4. Bobby had many images of violent pornography involving young females being raped and tortured, including a decapitated head, and a mutilated body which were strikingly similar in appearance to Teresa Halbach.  Bobby also had scratches on his back that he said were from a puppy.
  5. Scott has had a look of guilt throughout season 1 and 2, because; he has a history of violence against women, he may have saw Boddy’s vehicle close to his trailer, and then later he may have saw Theresa’s vehicle in the same spot Bobby’s vehicle was parked later that evening.  There is also a possibility that Scott may have had sexual relations with Bobby in the past, which is why Scott is not coming forward to testify against Bobby and is instead protecting Bobby.  It may also be why he blamed Steven Avery early on in the trial and lied about Steven having a 10-12 foot high bon fire instead of a small one.
  6. Bobby may have also molested or shown his very disturbing violent porn to Brendan, which is how Brendan came up with many of the gruesome ideas found in his police interviews and why Brendan was so fascinated by the violent books he too was reading.  Brendan (being simpler in nature and very young at the time) may have compartmentalized the abuse, shelving it to the back recesses of his mind.
  7. A truck driver told Sergeant Colborn that he saw Teresa’s Rav on highway 147 close to Scott Tadych’s trailer 2 days before it was found in Avery’s Junk Yard.  Sergeant Colborn may have drove over and saw the vehicle, then called dispatch with the license plate number with the dispatch telling him the vehicle belonged to a missing woman Teresa Halbach.  Considering he was being sued for $36 million dollars by Steven Avery, it was obvious his brain went into overdrive.  He probably first talked to Fassbender and Lenk, who were also being sued by Steven Avery.
  8. Mike Halbach (Teresa’s brother) was most likely alerted by Sergeant Andrew Colborn that they had found Teresa’s vehicle and from the blood inside the back of the vehicle believed she was most probably dead.  They also probably indicated they believed it was without a doubt Steven Avery and needed Mike’s help to reposition the vehicle.  Mike called Ryan Hillegas (Teresa’s ex boyfriend who he had known for years as they basically all grew up together.)  Ryan Hillegas was also a registered nurse so well understood DNA evidence.
  9. Convinced by both Sg. Andrew Colborn, Fassbender and Lt. James Lenk that Avery was the killer and would walk again just like he had gotten out of prison before, Ryan and Mike hacked into Teresa’s phone deleting her last messages and only leaving her messages about Steven Avery.  Ryan then drove Teresa’s car back around to the Quarry and into the back of Avery’s property.  He had to use her Rav to push the red car blocking the conveyor road, which is how the signal light and bumper were damaged.
  10. That is also the reason many viewers noticed the unusually suspicious interaction between Mike Halbach and Ryan Hillegas when being questioned by the media during the search interview.  It is also why Ryan gave the camera to Pamela Strum (a second cousin of Teresa’s and former private investigator) and sent her to search the Avery Junk Yard.  Pamela Strum had been tipped off by Ryan which is how she amazingly found Teresa’s Rav in less than 30 minutes in Avery’s 40 acre, 4000 vehicle junk yard.
  11. Colborn, Fassbender and Lenk then helped Ryan Hillegas place DNA evidence in key areas to help frame Steven Avery, all while keeping the County Coroner off the case..
  12. Ken Kratz (a pervert and predator who had sent more than 30 sext messages to a 26-year-old abused woman whose ex-boyfriend was being prosecuted by Kratz for domestic violence,) was aware of both the planting of evidence and also of the disturbing porn found on Bobby Dassey’s computer.  His goal was to protect the department from a $36 million dollar lawsuit and so he would deliberately ignore the true evidence and instead help alter it to push through the case and convict Steven Avery.
  13. Steven Avery’s lawyers (Dean Strang and Jerry Buting) were more focused on working on the clock than truly defending Avery.  Avery had received $400,000 as a court settlement, and that money went to their lawyers fees.  The mistake they made was to focus on fighting the DNA evidence stacked against Steven Avery by a string of crooked cops and DA, when instead they should have been looking for who did it.
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