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In 325 C.E., Roman emperor Constantine convened a council of bishops in the city of Nicaea in Asia Minor. His supposed purpose was to resolve the continuing religious disputes over the relationship of the Jesus to God, but his real purpose was to stop the spread of Christianity by combining it with Paganism.

Christianity was unstoppable and spreading like wildfire throughout the Roman Empire and causing divisions.  Christianity and Paganism were polar opposites; so while Christ had taught his followers to live with morals,  the Roman Empire was a cesspool of immorality and violence.

Constantine realized the only way to stop Christianity was to apostatize it, so for that reason Constantine himself presided, actively guiding the discussions.  He proposed the crucial formula expressing the relation of Christ to God in the creed issued by the council.  Overawed by the emperor, the bishops, with two exceptions only, signed the creed, many of them much against their inclination.  Out of the Council of Nicaea came what we now call the Roman Catholic Church.

Did this pagan ruler intervene because of his Biblical convictions? No. A Short History of Christian Doctrine states: “Constantine had basically no understanding whatsoever of the questions that were being asked in Greek theology.”⁠ 

 What Constantine did was both brilliant and barbaric.  He knew for example that Christians believed Jesus was the Son of God, while the Pagans believed in the Sun God and it’s return during the winter solistice in late December.  So he combined the two beliefs to create Christmas;  a celebration of both the rebirth of the Sun God and the birth of the Son of God.

Christians believed in God, his Son Jesus, and God’s power which Jesus called the Holy Spirit.  Pagans believe in a Trinity of Gods.  So Constantine again combined the Christian and Pagan beliefs to create the Trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

The Catholic Church succeeded in becoming far more than Constantine’s could have ever dreamed.  A major form of apostatized Christianity, it did everything to supress and destroy true Christianity.  The Catholic Church went to war in the Crusades against the Muslims, and created the inquisitions torturing and burning true Christians at the stake for reading and translating bibles.  The Catholic Church wanted complete control over it’s people and their money and thus refused to allow anyone but the clergy to go near the bible to learn the true teachings of Christ.

Because of its apostate amoral actions came the reformation where scholars like John Wycliff and William Tyndale faced unimaginable torture and death for bringing the truth of Christ to the people by translating the bible into the common language.

It is for that reason many feel Immorality and Child Molesting has plagued the Catholic Church.  As one Christian said “The Catholic Church is truly an evil and immoral entity and it gained unbelievable wealth while being directly responsible for the torture, murders and sexual molestations of an unimaginable number of innocent men, women and children.  The Catholic Church is the opposite of true Christianity and instead serves to cast a horrible shame on the true Christian teachings found in the bible.”

Oddly enough the end of the Catholic Church is prophesied in the bible.  A Catholic writing in a Catholic journal stated; “Jehovah’s Witnesses have for years been talking about a time foretold in the bible where God would use the United Nations to turn destroy false and extreme religions as judgement for the horrible things they have done in the name of God and Religion.”  First and foremost among those false religions are two major religions on earth, both Islam and the Catholic Church.

From a purely logical viewpoint, imagine how intelligent it would be for the political parties to ban the Catholic Church and seize it’s assets.  In the United States alone the Catholic Church is estimated to be worth 170 Billion Dollars.  Worldwide the wealth of the Catholic Church is estimated to be in the Trillions.

Regardless of whether people believe the Prophecy to be true or not,  the writing is on the wall for the Catholic Church and it is only a matter of time before a political ruler suggests the idea of both banning the Catholic Church and seizing it’s unbelievable wealth to distribute to the endless people who have had lives ruined by it.


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