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When will Democratic Countries start standing up for what is right and protect society by banning fanatical religions that oppresses them?  For example; What reasonable woman would ever consider covering herself from head to toe if it were not for the pressure from an insecure husband backed by an equally insecure religion?

But it goes much deeper than just an outer garment. For the outer garment symbolizes a very real and sickening religious history of subjugation, oppression, rape, torture, genital mutilations, child marriages, burying alive, acid attacks, public beatings, beheadings, stoning to death and other unimaginable atrocities that have been reaped on women and children by men in extreme religions such as Islam.

Democratic Nations have become so liberal in their views that they no longer stand up for what is right and wrong. Instead they sanction the subjugation and oppression of women and children in democratic countries under the guise of cultural and religious freedoms, while deliberately ignoring the truth that fanaticism, cultism and oppression is not cultural and is not religious freedom, it is subjugation and oppression.

Two Muslim Child Brides aged 8 and 9.  This is the cultural freedom openly supported by Democrats and Liberals who deliberately refuse to stand up for women and children and ban fanatical religions.

Former British Prime Minister David Cameron said at the a Munich Conference “We have allowed the weakening of our collective identity. Under the doctrine of state multiculturalism we have allowed different cultures to live separate lives apart from each other and apart from the mainstream. We have even tolerated these segregated communities behaving in ways that run completely counter to our values. So when a white person holds objectionable views racist views for instance, we rightly condemn them. But when equally unacceptable views or practices come from someone who isn’t white, we’ve been to cautious frankly, frankly even fearful to stand up to them.”

The main stream media refuses to talk about the rape and child molesting epidemics brought to Europe by immigrants, the NO-GO Zones in many European cities where Sharia Law rules, the deep seated hatred and resentment building in white Europeans, Americans, Canadians and Australians who are sick of seeing their countries turned into messes while they have to stand idly by for fear of being labelled racists. Said one European man; “We have the right to be reasonably racist. We have the right to protect our women and children, our cultures, our countries and our way of life, and we have the right to not have to apologize for being white.”

Brooklyn Imam Tareq Yousef Al-Masri said of Islam “Let us admit that we the Muslims are time bombs. When a sinner repents, the first thing he does is make a bomb. He blows it up and kills people. The majority of us Muslims hate the Christians.” His key words are “when a sinner repents.” When a Muslim properly follows the Qur’an he; kills Christians and Jews, subjugates women and children, throws gay people from the roof tops, subjugates women and children and makes bombs. When a Muslim does not properly follow the Qur’an he does not; kill Christians and Jews, throws gay people from the roofs, subjugates women and children and makes bombs. So when those moderate Muslim ‘sinners repent’ and follow the Qur’an properly becoming good Muslims, they go out and make a bomb and blow up people. Prompting many to say “It is our sons and daughters and wives that are being blown up by those good and repenting Muslims.”

“It is not just Muslims; The Sikh and Hindu Caste system is also disgusting with it’s degradation of humans where the lower Caste is worth far less than an animal.  There are so many extreme religions that subjugate women and children; but under the guise of culture and freedom Democratic Nations refuse to even question them.” Said another European. “It is time that we set up a committee to honestly analyze these major religions and determine if they are abusive to women and children. If they are then they should be banned across the Globe.”

A black South Sudanese woman who was a refuge from the Sudanese Civil war, saw first hand the horrors of Muslims killing Christians. Fearful of the fate of Canada said to her white Canadian boyfriend while sitting in a Canadian restaurant filled with Chinese and East Indians; “You white people are such cowards. You create such beautiful safe democratic countries and then you allow in all the trash to destroy it. You are so afraid of being labelled racists that you let countries like the Chinese, East Indians, Muslims and Mexicans come in and take over your country ignoring the fact that they are far more racist and violent than you are and have no concern for human rights, morals or the environment. No one wants to go live in their countries, even they do not want to live in their own countries which is why they all want to come live in democratic countries created by you white people, while complaining about you white people and calling your racist. Yet they also want to practice their demented beliefs here under the guise of culture; and you white people are so nice that you do nothing to stop them for fear of being labeled racist. So soon there will be no one to stand up for human rights or right and wrong as they turn your country into theirs. You have the right to be white and to stand up and protect your country and your good way of life.”

Many feel Democratic Nations have mishandled both ‘Multiculturalism’ and ‘World’ problems. A woman from Colorado said; “If your neighbor has a contagious disease, do you bring him home to your family to make them also sick, or do you quarantine him at his house and help him get better? The democratic countries should have gone in and helped those nations fix their problems instead of bringing their problems here to destroy America. How can you take people of completely different races, moral values and cultural beliefs and throw them together and not expect racism and chaos? Why did the United Nations suddenly feel there was something wrong with distinct cultures and decide instead to encourage the world to become a cultural mess? Did they learn nothing from the fact that after 300 years black and white hatred in America is at an all time high? So how do they expect us not to become racist when Muslims come here demanding their cultural rights to subjugate women and children into wearing the hijab, practice honor killing or genital mutilations? Do we not have the right to protect our moral values and Christian culture?”

Four victims of Honor Killing in Canada including Rona Amir Mohammad, 58, and three Shafia sisters

A case in point is the four victims of Honor Killing in Canada including Rona Amir Mohammad, 58, and three Shafia sisters: Zainab, 19, Sahar, 17, and Geeti, 13. Murdered by their Father, Brother and mother because one of the sisters was disobeying her father and dating a Pakistani boy. Mohammad Shafia married Rona Mohammed, who was unable to have children. In 1989, he took Tooba Yahya to be his second wife in a polygamous marriage, and she gave birth to seven children, though Rona played a crucial role in their upbringing and raised the children as if they were her own. When the family immigrated to Canada, Rona was presented as an aunt. Except for Rona, the Shafia family practiced Shi’a Islam.

According to a family member’s interview, Rona was trapped in an abusive, loveless marriage, trying in vain to convince her husband to grant her a divorce. Rona’s siblings claimed that she feared for her life during the days leading up to her death. Tooba, the second wife, allegedly said to Rona “You are a slave, you are a servant.” Reportedly, the Shafias held all of Rona’s identity documents, including her passport, so Rona believed she could not flee to another country, where she had relatives. It was reported that Rona came to Canada as a domestic servant on a visitor’s visa and the “[visa’s] renewal held over her head like an axe ready to fall” by her husband and co-wife. They also stated that the family’s eldest daughter Zainab’s relationship with a Pakistani boy was a source of much anger for her father, and they claimed to have overheard the father’s threats to kill her.

On June 30, 2009, a black Nissan Sentra with a broken left taillight was spotted submerged at the Kingston Mills locks, with four female bodies found inside. Mohammad Shafia was at the Kingston Police station to report that four of their family – three teenage daughters and a purported aunt – were missing. Police initially believed that it was a tragic, if bizarre, accident, and first categorized it as a “sudden death investigation”.

However, authorities soon learned that Hamed had reported an accident with the family Lexus SUV in an empty parking lot early that same morning in Montreal. Despite their suspicions, the authorities did not have “reasonable and probable grounds” or sufficient evidence to ask a judge for a search warrant. Kingston Police Det. Steve Koopman, the liaison with the Shafia family, managed to gain the Shafias’ consent so that they could view the Lexus. After assessing the damage on both vehicles, police theorized that the Lexus was used to ram the Nissan into the locks. In the end, the father, second wife, and eldest son were all charged with first degree murder of the four women.

The endless stories of the unimaginable horrors women and children have faced under extreme religion is impossible to express, and the only way to end it is to ban extreme religions around the globe.


While Canada lies to the world about it’s first class peace, prosperity and multiculturalism; the realities of Canada are racism, reverse racism, segregated ghettos, economic recessions and endless problems resulting from it’s lax immigration laws. Salma Sidiqui a Pakistani Muslim who immigrated to Canada with her parents in the 1960’s and served as the President of the Coalition of Progressive Canadian Muslim Organizations summed up the changes in immigration this way; “Immigration is turning Canada into ghettos. Immigration has changed drastically over the past 30 years. In pre-1970’s, immigrants came to countries like Canada with a respect and desire to contribute to making the countries better, where-as today’s immigrants are coming here just for passports and associate only with their own ethnic groups. Their loyalties are to whatever country they are coming from. They put more burden on our countries because our health dollars are going to them and their educations are subsidized by us while they give us nothing back. So it is a win/win for them and a lose/lose for us.”

Canada is infamous for the Canadian Sikh terrorists who blew up 329 Canadian Hindu passengers in the Air India Bombing, a flight which left Canada bound for London. Canada also recently given 18 terrorists citizenship status and awarded10 million dollars to a terrorist who killed an American soldier; causing many to feel that a wall should also be built between Canada and America to protect America.

The situation is forcing some Canadians to finally stand up for right and wrong. The Quebec Provincial Government recently passed a new law which prohibits public workers — including doctors, teachers and daycare employees — as well as those receiving a service from the government from covering their faces. Bill 62 on religious neutrality is a landmark legislation and the first of it’s kind in North America. Quebec Justice Minister Stéphanie Vallée said “the bill aims to clearly establish the neutrality of the state.”

Defending this new law Premier Philippe Couillard said: “We are just saying that for reasons linked to communication, identification and safety, public services should be given and received with an open face. We are in a free and democratic society. You speak to me, I should see your face, and you should see mine. It’s as simple as that.”

Canadian NDP leader Jagmeet Singh, who is an East Indian Sikh, attacked the Quebec legislation while defending the niqab as a human right of Muslim women, claimed that those who oppose the hijab, niqab or burka were contributing to Islamophobia.  Of course Jagmeet Singh also refused to condemn the Sikh Bombers who killed 331 Hindus in the Air India Bombing because Sikhs hate Hindus. As the leader of the NDP party in Canada, many Canadians now worry about him planning a new Sikh independent state in Canada that Sikhs could not achieve in India.

Egypt’s Nawal El Saadawi told a conference in Tangiers, Morocco, that “far from being a human right, the niqab is just another form of tyranny.”  Rita Panahi wrote in a Daily Telegraph article; “The City of Greater Dandenong in Australia authorized a press release that encouraged non-Muslim women to wear a hijab for three hours in some misguided effort to raise “awareness and insight.” The reaction from many locals, as well as the wider population, was to recoil in disgust. Should empowered western women would embrace the idea of donning Muslim headscarves and subjugating themselves in the name of diversity? Indeed why stop at headscarves? Why not encourage women not to drive for three hours to raise awareness and insight about the rich culture of Saudi Arabia. Or perhaps a celebration of sharia law involving an adulteress being flogged in the city square? Or why doesn’t the council employ moral police armed with long canes who can whip women for showing too much hair or skin? That might familiarise the locals with what happens in parts of the world where hijabs are compulsory. I wonder how women who fled countries that require them to cover up feel about local government encouraging women to wear hijabs? It was only late last year when women in Iran were disfigured and blinded in acid attacks for daring to contravene the country’s strict hijab code. Shouldn’t we stand with disempowered women in Islamic countries across the world instead of celebrating an instrument that is used in their suppression?

She continues: “For many the hijab, along with the dehumanising niqab and burqa, are symbols of oppression not some national costume to be worn for kicks and giggles. Somalian born author and activist, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, describes Muslim headscarves as a means in which a deeply patriarchal culture oppresses women.”The veil deliberately marks women as private and restricted property, non-persons,” she said.”The veil sets women apart from men and apart from the world; it restrains them, confines them, grooms them for docility. Indeed some argue that far from being a universal symbol of subjugation, the hijab and even the face covering niqab and burqa are empowering. I am sorry, ladies, but I’m not buying it. As someone from a Middle Eastern background I’ve seen first-hand the pressure on girls to obey their devout parents as well as their community’s wishes in regard to how they dress. That pressure to conform can be overwhelming. You risk not only being judged, denounced and reviled but completely ostracised. Being a source of shame to your family for not abiding by accepted cultural practises can be traumatic for any young girl let alone one raised in cultures where she’s considered subservient to men. The unpalatable truth is that the root cause of much of the world’s entrenched misogyny in 2015 is Islam and it manifests itself in a variety of ways including the requirement for women to cover up. This is not something to be celebrated or emulated. But you can be sure no local council will be issuing a media release encouraging Muslim women to remove their hijabs in the interests of social cohesion.”

A European woman shared what seems to be a growing sentiment across Democratic Countries; “I grew up in a community that was safe and peaceful. I had no knowledge of the horrors and abuses happening to women and children in other countries. Unfortunately the flood of immigration has brought those problems to our communities and now I constantly worry about my children being involved in terrorist attacks, or Sharia Law taking over and implementing those horrors on my daughters like child marriages, genital mutilations and honor killing. I was never racist before but I am becoming racist now because multiculturalism forces people of different values and beliefs together which only creates more hatred and racism. When we question their beliefs they accuse us of racism. It seems to the only way to clean up our country and the rest of the world is to reverse immigration and ban all fanatical religions. Then help people clean up their countries instead of bringing everyone and their problems here.”

There is a growing trend across the Democratic nations to both reverse immigration and ban Extreme Religions with a common sentiment; “”Before immigration Europe had; beautiful cities filled with distinctive European art and culture, low unemployment, good economies and almost no crime. After immigration we have segregated ghettos where white people are not allowed to go, terrorist attacks, stabbings, bombings, rapes, murders, crashing economies and no jobs. The United Nations seems hell bent on forcing multiculturalism down our throats so that no one has a culture or country left to defend. We want our cultures and our countries back. Multiculturalism is not the solution, multiculturalism is the problem. There was never anything wrong with separate cultures. The solution is to reverse immigration, then help people fix their problems in their own countries, while keeping Democratic cultures and countries safe.”

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